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VTL 2.5 or cary slp 308
Interesting, I have owned a vtl 2.5 for a couple of years and I think for the money it is a great value, I too have heard other preamps in my system, and I still say for the money the 2.5 is a killer, I know the local VTL dealer sells alot of them... 
Preamp or Amp?
it is all combinations, but I am going to disagree with the above, I have found a bigger difference in preamps, althought I have heard big differences in poweramps,but the pre amp comes before the amp, so its sonic signature is going to be there n... 
balance and single ended what I heard
Bigjoe, glad you lie your 2200/252 I know I like mine,might try another 252 too, anyway obviously I need to try another xlr cable,cheap and easy to do,just need to get to a guitar center. 
tube amp dilemma with electrostats
could be you like the sound of EL34s I know I do, I have 2 nicely restored dynaco st 70s and they are great. You may want to try VTL MB125s very nice amps and they use EL 34s. 
balance and single ended what I heard
maybe thats it,maybe the outputs aren't truly balanced, I guess I will call Mac and see what they the very least I would have figured they would sound about the same if that were true, but like you said above there aren't any absolutes 
balance and single ended what I heard
follow up I slao have Mac mc275 1V...same result also,rcas sound much better, maybe the Monster balanced cable is just a bad sounding cable, dont know it is the only one I have tried....Also read many comments on this forum from people who haven't... 
balance and single ended what I heard
thanks for your responses, My equipment is a Mac C46 into a Mac 252, also have a Mac c2200,used a Monster balanced interconnect...using a Monster rca and analysis plus rca,also use a goldmund rca...using B&Wcm4, Linn Ninkas and Khorns...get th... 
The majic of early 1970's rock and it's influence-
I think many many years from now historians will look at the 50s thru the 70s a special time in contmeporary music,not to be repeated. many great musicians passed thru that window. 
1970's Audio Research Equipment, worth having?
one thing is for sure stay away from a d90 man did those things blow up, the d250 on the other hand was a fine amp and very reliable even with all those tubes, d79 also was a great amp very big and heavy though, same with the 250 
Naim Cd Players
I agree witht the above, if it sounds good ,buy it,don't get hung up on "new and improved" etc...just because something is newer and more money doesn't mean it will sound better etc. I always have an open ear though and am willing to listen, like ... 
Naim Cd Players
Hello thats what makes the audio world go round etc, I too have some Linn equipment as well as tubes,No question naim cd players do have a dynamic each his own,thanks. 
Naim Cd Players
I tried Naim cd5, cdx2 and even anxps2....they just didnt do it for me...not that they were bad, they weren't. I just found them too electronic sounding...and a cdx2 with an xps2 is quite expensive...I found myself when listening to Naim cd player... 
BAT vs. Mcintosh?
this is a good one, I own a fair amount of Mac gear and am curious to the BAT sound, never heard it though, at this level, you must hear them in your house,maybe tough to do but is the only way. 
Mcintosh C41, any thoughts,compared to c45, c46
thanks for the input,good advice. 
Older higher end or newer mid-fi...better bargain?
In my opinion a good amp is a good amp regardless of when it was made, same with preamps etc, they may need a service, such as recapping Naim etc, but it is all on how it sounds.