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Paypal Changes for 2022
I just got my 1099 from paypal, sold 6200 worth of audio gear in 2021 FINE BY ME, IRS says I am a business, GREAT, now I get to deduct the loss miles driven to the hi end audio store where I look for gear, a home office etc I will make sure my ... 
Help me build a $2,500 system
 "Speakers have the greatest impact on sound" from a previous post.Sorry have to disagree with this. I sold hi end audio for 15 yrs. and we used to do demonstration after demonstration on how source, then electronics could and did make a huge diff... 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
I will throw my .02 here. I sold Hi end audio for about 15 yrs, swimming in this dollar pond for an amp, there is only one thing to do. One MUST hear the prospective amp in their house, in their system.Going to a shop to "hear an amp" that has 20+... 
Integrateds: Why do they all SUCK?
I have mostly separates but do have a system with the Naim Supernait.The original, DAC is quite good, have the outboard phono stage also quite good. A terrific buy used. 
Tube amp on/off: best practice?
I agree with the above about not leaving the room when tubes are on, they most certainly don't always go quitely. 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Leslie West, "Don't Look Around" simply smokes, he is my all time favorite geetar man 
The old timers give the young'ns tips on the 60s.
try Mountain, Yardbirds,for rock, for pop, Bobby Fuller four,Dave Clark Five,Mcoys with Rick Derringer 
Majik Kontrol vs. Akurate Kontrol
In all my listening in my sytems, and Ihave like 5, I have found preamps make BIG difference, sounds like you have a heck of a system, have the dealer loan you one, fire it up and see or hear what happens. 
Mellencamp on Music Business
While John Mellencamp certainly has a right to his opinions,I agree with Tomcy6,unless he donates all his millions that he has made from the "music business",he really falls on a deaf ear, he talks about corporate greed, what about musicians greed... 
McIntosh C2300
I am curious what did the person at Mac say to you ? 
are all amps equal
"power more important than brand" I don't think so,to me sound is more important than anything else, class a, class d, tube, ss etc. Alot of very general comments being made here.Here is a list of just power amps that I have owned,own or at least ... 
Naim Nait 5i vs 5i italic
Hi, I have owned both, not at the same time, but I cant say from aural memory any real differences, I can say the 122x and 150x do sound better, I am curious, you say your naim dealer doesn't even have a 5i in stock, does he have any naim on dispa... 
Seeking advice on tube amps
To the OP, what source and preamp?,very important,if you are interested in say a Mac 275, what preamp and source will bedriving it ?, I have like 5 systems in my house, one of which is around a small pair of B&W cm2, a whopping $900/pair of bo... 
Mitch Mitchell RIP
Yes,very sad, saw him just 4 weeks ago on the Hendrix tribute show.......little did we of the best, is truly laid to rest. Jimi,Noel,Mitch..a hundred years from now, people will listen and um ..WOW 
The best speaker you ever heard?
a wall of Jensen Coax and Triax 2 6x9 car speakers....scary