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A challenge: Reference system from 15yrs ago
I once had....Snell Type A,Perreaux SM3 pre amp, Audio Research D-60 amp, fronted by a mid 80s Linn Lp12,Ittok,Black Koetsu....sounded great...Really miss the Snells, would like to get another pair someday. 
Best rock song of all times
Missippi Queen.......Mountain, saw them twice with Felix Papalardi, great band in concert. 
best rock voices
so true, Sammy Hagar, great rock singer. 
What is the best amp for Sonus Faber Cremonas?
I agree with the 1st response, try a different pre amp. I would go SS and yes try a Mcintosh, I have owned both the c2200 and the c46 at the same time, thru my Mac 252, I prefer the c46. to me it had more guts without being bright and had more def... 
Linn Kolector or Wokonda preamp?
I have owned both and had them at the same time, I felt the Wakonda was better and noticeably so, sometimes a quick demo in the store doesn't show everything, I still have the Wakonda, use it with a Linnlk100, for the money a nice sounding duo. 
A mistake spending too much on amplification?
I agree with theabove about preamps, very important as it comes before the amp, also the source comes before the preamp, so it too is important. One of my systems is a vtl2.5 pre/Mac Mc 2751v into a pair of bookshelf B&W cm2(900/pr) fronted by... 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
On the subject of discounting and retail stores telling customers that the manufacturer won let them 100 percent illegal....and furthermore no manufacturer can terrminate a dealer for discounting. 
Are the Klipschorns mainly for Classical music ??
I have owned K horns for the last 12 yrs...I play about 5% classical the rest is rock, jazz, female vocals,pop,funk etc. I like them alot, have used them and still do with Mac c46/252 and some VTL gear as well as some nicely restored Dynaco St70s 
Inexpensive amp for a McIntosh C46 Preamp
Good suggestions above to be sure but here is one for you, I own the C46 with a 252 and its a great combo but I have a few systems, a great amp for the money is the Linn lk 100 I have one and have used it with the c46 with fine results, a nifty,sm... 
Best speakers circa 77-79'
My vote would be the Snell Type A 
certin speaker makers harder to get dissounts fro
No Manufacturer can tell a dealer what to sell the product for ...period...if they do they are breaking the law, in fact I do believe it was the hifi bus that made this so, I think both B&0 and Pioneer were charged with this in the 70s....anyw... 
Naim Audio - Threat or menace?
a follow up, if your considering diving into naim, I would suggest the following, either the 5i or go right to a 202/ get the most out of the series 5 gear, you would get all the boxes, 112/150 and a flatcap, nice, but going to the 202 i... 
Naim Audio - Threat or menace?
I have had a fair amount of Naim gear over the years and it definately has a sound, I moved and sold most of it and now am timkering with a 5i and their 112/150 preamp and amp. after 30 plus yrs of listening to different equipment I find myself dr... 
does Queen have better sound quality CD?
I agree with above post about Queen 2 it is a masterpiece...full of incredible imagination and playing....side black alone is a can probably find their crown jewel box set in a used record store...long Live Freddie Mercury... I saw Q... 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Mountain, with leslie West on geetar...wailing away