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snell fans
I have owned Type Es and 3 pairs of type As, I think the type A is one of the all time great speakers of all time, when space and money permit, would love to get another pair. 
McIntosh C2200 w/ solid state amp?
I own both the C2200 and the C46, also have the Mac 252 ss amp, both sound mighty nice into the 252, also have alinn ss amp and again both sound nice...I really like them both and glad I have both...they do sound different but both share the Mac s... 
McIntosh - is it that great?
Can't say I agree with the above comment at all, but we all hear what we hear, I have found electronics can make a huge difference in the sound. Speakers, in my opinion are last in the chain, they certainly can change the sound but do they make it... 
Accuphase A-30 or P-3000 for Klipschorns?
I own Khorns and use them with Mac ss gear and it works great, also use linn gear with them and it also sounds nice, never heard Accuphase but it sure looks good. With K horns the better the amp the better they sound, watts is really irrelevant. I... 
Linn Genki - Variable outputs
I have owned both, the Wakonda is better, and Ihave tried a few digital sources directly into an amp, I always prefer it with the preamp, a Wakonda is a great value used, I have one with a Lk 100, sounds very nice 
Linn Ninkas - LK140 on Bass and LK85 on trebble?
get a preamp, insert a wakonda and see what happens,bon voyage...preamps are crucial. 
Mcintosh C-2200 or Aesthetix Calypso?
Hello I will throw my thoughts into the pie, your thread is a good one as both preamps are in the same price far as Mac goes I own both the C2200 and the C46, also have the 252 amp and the 2751v....I have heard in my house the new C1000 (... 
I am openning a shop. What equipment should I sell
It may not be so much as what to sell as opposed to what you can get. I co own a small business and many things come up that are not planned. What lines do you want to carry ?? and are there stores near you that carry these lines ? if so you proba... 
McIntosh MC402 as monoblock?
100 percent agree with Bigjoe's (Mike) comments, I have had all three in my house. I own the 252, and use it with quality but modest speakers, assuming your source and pre are up to snuff the 501s are the better sounding amps. To run the 402 in mo... 
Outstanding Drum Performances
without question Jeff Porcaro...his riff on Rosanna is just superb, totally makes the song, he is one of my all time favorite drummers, also check out his "Lido shuffle" by Boz Scaggs...can you say grooooove, I being a drummer would give my eye te... 
preamps with tone controls.
You really ought to give the C46 a try, it is a great pre amp, I have had mine for about 6 months and yes I do use the controls. 
speakers to match mainly with Mac SS and tube
Hi thanks for the response, my room is also not big, how much are they ? 
Mcintosh 2275......c2200, mc275 differences ??
Not according to the people who build them, they told me, they are designed differently and sound differently too.They said the 2275 is warmer, just wondering if anybody has heard them both. 
McIntosh - is it that great?
I own 5 pieces of Mac gear including both SS and tubes, i fully agree with the above post, Mac is 100 percent...the real deal,no games no gimmicks just pure great stuff. 
A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx
Just a thought... I wonder if Mr. David Wilson has read these posts....any thoughts from the big gun...nespas ??