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tube amp sound more engaging
I have owned my beloved Khorns for around 10 yrs,quite frankly Paul Klipsch was a bona fide genius,what his speakers do no other speaker does,he has always maintained that the world needs a great sounding 5 watt amp...hence the SETs...I use both s... 
Big Mcintosh MC1000 pwr amp s?
I have owned and heard a fair amount of hi end gear,both in the stores and more importantly in my house. I have a few systems which i one time or antoher I have owned or heard in my house,spectral, ARC,Linn ,Naim,Vtl,Consonce,Levinson,G... 
McIntosh MC252 with Totem Mani2 / Sig's
Hello Now that you have settled in with some fine Mac gear,start saving for the 501s....I own a Mac 252/Mac c2200 and a Mac mc275. I have heard all three amps in my house..the 252 the 402 and the 501s...I chose the 252 for a couple of reasons,pric... 
Amp/ receiver advice for Spendor SP2/3's
I would forget the receiver idea, these speakers are worthy of far better electronics, the better the source, the better the electronics the MUCH better these will sound. I mean yes a reciever will play them but not to their potential. 
What speaker is best for Mcintosh 6900?
B&Ws are a great match with Mac, I am sure other speakers will do nicely 
Mcintosh mc275 vs Mac2102
thanks for the response, a big plus of the 275, it's easier to move around 
Anyone hear the McIntosh MC275 mkIV
I have owned for about 3 months and it is a terrific amplifier, I own other mac gear as well as some other tube abd ss gear, this amp sing especially with high quality small just makes them sound soooo good...a relative bargain in th... 
McIntosh MC402
Hello I currently own a Mac 252 a mc 275, a c2200 and the little cd205 changer. Love them all. I have heard in my house, the 402 and the 501s. I have had all three there at the same results were. the 252 is the best bang for the buck, t... 
Mcintosh vs Parasound
I second the Mac thing, I own a c2200 a mc275 a 252 and their cd205..its gooood stuff,sounds excellent and musical, their build quality is probably second to none. Break in time is nil, sounds great right out of the box. So sick and tired of amps ... 
McIntosh MC402 and MC501
I have heard both in my home, the 501s are better, I currently have a 252, i would either get another one or get the 501s 
NAIM Alternatives-from people who have switched.
I have owned a fair amount of Naim. I think it is good gear and has a sound. It gets more intense as you go up the line...could be good or bad depending on you tastes. I prefer Mcintosh tube gear..also has a sound,which I prefer overall.I find it ... 
C.J. Premier 11 vs McIntosh MC 252
Hi I have the Mac 252 and a 2200, also listening to a Mac c45 both are great with this amp 
Audio's Most Enduring Products.
the one and only Khorns !!! 
powering klipschorns with high power mcintosh amps
Hello I have Khorns and have used a mac 252 amp with them with fine results BUT the whole majic of the khorns is their efficiency and I have found they sound best with tubes (after all they were designed around them) I use a mac mc275, a vtl st85 ... 
McIntosh MC2000 vs. Goldmund 29
I currentyl own a mc275 and have at home the new Goldmung 2.3 amp of the two without a doubt prefer the Mac275 tube amp...its not even close !!