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Tube amp with Vienna Acoustics Beethovens?
the VTL st85 is a very good value Ihave one and it is a nice amp and quite resonable, I would look for the newer version which has the triode option 
Are the MF308 and MC402 matching together ?
Iagree with the above...not technically minded but if it sounds are all set....the only way to hear a difference is to try another preamp like a Mac c46 etc. 
quicksilver amps and preamps any thoughts ??
Hello many thanks for the responses, sounds like people really like the gear, the horn monos interest me as I have Khorns,but also have B&W cm4s and Linn Ninkas, is there a better all around amp for all...say mid monos anybody heard those ?? 
What does listening to a speaker really tell us?
The folks at Linn have always touted, the easier it is to follow the tune the better the system. I def. agree with that, whether or not one thinks that their equipment does it the best is another issue. Anyway the list of audiophile jargon is endl... 
Considering audition of Plinius 9200 and McIntosh
I think you hit the nail on the head about doesn't "blow you away" but son of a gun it does draw you into the music.....every time. 
Considering audition of Plinius 9200 and McIntosh
have heard tons o Mac, never heard Plinius, good comparison...anybody heard them both ?? 
Linn Ikemi vs Resolution Audio Opus 21
wow this is what makes the audio world go round, I have had a few hi end players at home, including the ayre, which I liked,but preferred my Ikemi, thought the ayre sounded very similar to the consonance 2.2 tube player,never heard the opus though... 
Mac 252, 353, 402?
85db speakers can suck dry alot of amps quickly, I use my mac gear with 89db and 90 db speakers,works great,also use it on my khorns,also works great. 
Mac 252, 353, 402?
what about their ss int amps the 6500 or the 6900. Have you heard those ?? Their amps are great but it depends on the preamp too, I have a 252 with a c46, they are excellent together. 
Cables for McIntosh Equipment
hello I own a gaggle of Mcintosh gear, right now I am using ,modest interconnects. Linn and some inexpensive monster...I am getting fine results, not so sold on expensive interconnects yet, have tried a few, nordost...not much difference in sound,... 
Thoughts on the Supratek Chardonnay
if there are some failings with any products,let us hear them from the people who have owned them...nespas ?? 
Buy MacIntosh gear w/o auditioning?
there is a saying...once you go Mac you never look back. 
Buy MacIntosh gear w/o auditioning?
I own plenty of mac gear and I think it is terrific, I own both their tube and solid state stuff. Most people whin they dive into mac say why did i wait so long...I know I did. BUT there is no substitute for your own ears, basically all of audiogo... 
Mcintosh C46 vs c200 anybody heard them ??
thanks for the reply, I do own a mac c46/252 also have the mac c2200/275 1v. ENJOY them both. Also have a Linn Ikemi,sounds like we have similar tastes...anyway enjoy your combo...mighty nice. 
Were to go after a Rega Planet 2000?
here is one for you that hasn't come up....Mcintosh 205...audiophiles tend to look theother way when it comes to Mac...too bad its great stuff...I own a fair amount of Mac including this little gem...I also own a Linn Ikemi which I like alot but s...