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Best monitor under $1000
look at the triangle lines 
Help needed with Proac 1SC setup
If you like SS amp, Jeff Rowland 5 might be good choice too. I like how it sound the the vintage Mac MC240. Seductive sweet. 
In deed the Counterpoint phono section is nice. However, spending a huge amount of money with lack of resale value is questionable. The question to yourself would be "Is this the last pice of gear I'll ever use?" Most of us would say "No!" but it ... 
Preamp selection for a high sensitivity amp ?
What type of preamp you have?What type of speakers you have? 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Oldpet, I think there are a lot of misconception about tube amps. They can have just as much slam as SS amp. It really depends on circuit and parts used in the design.Same applies to SS amp. Jeff Rowland is more refined sound to my ears. I'm curre... 
How will you position the tubes in SP11 MK2
Yes. The ECC88 is more noisy and warmer than the E88CC.Noticed why I never mentioned E88CC or 6922? The ECC88 Siemens only comes in nickel plated pin and not gold pin.I use 3 Siemens in line stage.If interested, I still have some NOS ECC88 siemens... 
Speaker Life
My Jensen and EV speakers are from the late 50s early 60s. Paper surround still in excellent shape. I gues the can last over 50 years with proper storage. 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Not a big fan of Krell FPB400cx. Have you tried Jeff Rowland?How about some tube amps? 
How will you position the tubes in SP11 MK2
I used Siemens ECC88/6DJ8 for line stage. A bit warmer and softer than the Amperex. Didn't like the Mullard at all. 
sealed 3-ways
PMC are not sealed speakers. It uses transmission line design which is ported on the bottom. They're just using ATC mid drivers and that's about it. They do sound nice but totally different philosophy as ATC. 
Overpriced Tube Amps
One of the biggest myth about tube gear is the tube life.Many folks thought that they need to get new set of tubes every 2 years or so. In reality, if you listen to your setup average 25 hours a week, you probably won't need to replace the tube fo... 
Tubes and microphonics
Siemens 7308 is dead quiet. 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Lacee, you got me with the hearing aid : ) Oldpet, one way to tie with 2k to 4k is sharing the cost with your audiophile friends near you. That's what I did when we compared over 50 ICs 
Monitor Shootout
In your case, I would just replace the amp. Love the sound of the good old McIntosh MC240 to go with the B&W 805 series. 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Yuri's correct about one thing: the ultimate sound doesn't change once you reach the best possible setup. When do you know achieve it? until you are satisfied with your setup. However, it doesn't mean different cable will not change the sound in y...