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what is the best amp $3000.00 can buy
Unless I'm mistaken, the refernce 3 already has self powered subwoofer, you don't need too much power to drive the mid and tweeter.I would look at some class A or AB amp that's less than 25 Watt/ch. 
Preamp advice
Klyne preamp 6 series 
Starting Over--Amp First
Room size -> speakers -> amp -> preamp -> source -> IC -> power cord.No such thing as buying "amp for the future"It is either it mates with your system or just a piece of junk sitting on your rack. 
Cable auditions - Hard Work?
Power cord test is would be slightly different from IC test.Your power tranformer and power source varies every time you flick the power switch. The amount of current/voltage draws from your power source varies more than the output of the cd playe... 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
If CD playback is your only source then you'll just need to get an expensive CD player with high output + volume control. In this case, the "less" component is better off.This is different from having a passive preamp. I would go with that than ha... 
Who else prefers 5751s and why?
It has to do with gain matching. In the preamps I've used, the 5751 sounded horrible.While you're at it, you can check out 5965 tubes. 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
3V is almost double the volume of 2V. It sounds more normal while 2V sounded sleepy and slow and weak.There are few CD players gives you 3V output but it all comes with $$$ price tag.MeridianAccuphaseWadiaNot sure about others since I didn't measu... 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
From my experience, 3V is min for passive. I have 2V CD players and it just not enough gain 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
Pick your preference and use your ear.Afterall, your ear will enjoy the most : ) 
Ideas for short interconnects.
1/2 meter is quite short. Keep in mind that some cable are not flexible. 
audiogon members or dealers
How about try to make your own cables? 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
I think there is only one theory: The moment signal left the source it is already degrading.The active preamp helps restore some of the lost signals while the passive just let it flow through. 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
Thx Sogood51 on your view. I had try few passives including the Placette and never like them just like you said about matching. The Nigra passive is nice but only if you have high output CD player like the Wadia.Too weak in most of the application... 
Is the Kab Speedstrobe necessary with the VPI SDS?
Just curious, How much are you off without using SDS? 
Best preamp is no preamp: always true?
Sogood51, your statement doesn't say very much."Passive volume controls are better than all but the best active preamps. Passive volume controls do not work well in all systems"It is like saying French bordeaux is the best red wine out there but i...