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Cable Costs Relative to System
I believe the cable cost shouldn't be more than 15% of your total system cost. I've done many comparisons over the past 3 years ( over 2 dozen cables.) and only found less than 5 cable makers that made my "acceptable" list regardless of the price.... 
Review: Stealth Audio Cable M-21 special Interconnect
$1200 retailed for 1 Meter + $150 for cryo treament 
Amp to match Rogers LS3/5A
If you want something efficient, try the McIntosh MC240 However, you would want to use KT66 tubes instead of 5881 tubes on the MAC. You can pick up an used one in good orginal shape for $1500 to $2200 depents on the condition. 
Inteligent high end cableing
Tom_nice is right. Give any free offer a try then you'll find what's good for your system. 
Classe Cap 151 & Magnaplanar 2.7QR
Hi Carlyle, If you need highs then go with Silver wires. Try Audiotruth Lapis or diamond. However, the problem could also be your amp too. The wire between your souce and preamp will make a bigger difference. MITs are just like Monster cables... A... 
Inteligent high end cableing
First of all, I don't like wireworld wires. Second, I think cable are just tweaks and not your major problem in your system. However, if you don't know anything about mix and match your system with different speakers, amps, preamps and wires then ... 
Amplifier suggestions
If you can find the McIntosh MC275 original and you'll never need to change to another amp again. The KT88 tubes will kick some serious bass and it is also most suitable for your type of music. 
Inteligent high end cableing
buy the cable used ( people already break-in for you ) at 1/3 of the original retail price. It is true that small cable companies might make good product but he who claims that the $299 wire is better than $1200 wire is all subjective to his liste... 
Good interconects for ATI 1506/NHT 2.9
You can try the cardas golden cross or golden hexlink 5C. That should take care some of your problem.