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What SS amp for ATC scm 19 ??
You may try high power tube amps. It works great with my ATC SCM10. You should get min 60Watt/ch for tube amps. 
Speaker Stands
I use tangent reference stands and very happy with them.mintor speakers without proper stand or wall mount will sound lifeless. The better stands gives better bass extension as well as focus and imaging. 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Dave_b, Things does require a journey for your realization : )Less might be more. That's why DHT SET amps had became a recent trend.Happy listening. 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Sounds the the original poster is chasing a name brand every audiophile will applause to. Sorry that Mac in audio is not the same Mac as Iphone or Ipod.It is hard to define a "true audiophile" since everyone can have their own opinion about who sh... 
Pass amps with Tube pre-amps
sure it will work with any tube preamp.I have auditioned Pass with vintage Marantz 7 tube preamp and it sounded great. 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
Vintage Mac gears were great.They were the best looking amp back then as well.Although they might not be the best sounding at that era but they're sure one of the reference amp in that era.The Monos like MC30/MC60The stereos like MC225/MC240/MC275... 
what's 'Active preamp' vs 'Passive preamp'?
It really depends on your amp and speakers.For my setup, no passive unit can make it sound right due to low sensitivity on both amp and speakers. 
Cleaning Eichmann Silver Bullets
I don't know about that. I get the oppsite effect. It sounds much better after cleaning. 
Which tube amp with ProAcs ?
Sounded great with the good old Mac MC240 
Mcintosh MC60 transformers....
You can custom made.Check with http://www.electra-print.com/ 
My Little EL-84 Amp Has Problems And Needs Fixin'
You might have bad tubes which shorted the ampHave you checked your NOS tube before put them in your amp? 
Humidity question - please try to answer...
Maybe so, that's why my basement system sounded better : )It might be the opposite for the electrostatic speakers. 
Cary SLP-98 -- Do Oil Caps make a Difference?
Here is my take after experiment them in my gears:If you like extreme detailed sound then go with exotic teflons. If you like musical and smooth transition sound then go with oil caps. The teflonss will be more crisp if that's what you're looking ... 
Are NBS cables are sound better than Nordost ?
If low end NBS then don't bother. Omega I and II are pretty good. 
Here's a challenge:a class A sound system for less
Here is a thought onnear field experience. Why not just sit in your car with a nice stereo system? Some are actually quite good sound.There is one thing not measure by $50K or $10K or $1K is the fun factor. As long as you enjoy it, it doesn't matt...