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Classic speakers to hunt down used
Try the Jensen CX series as they're very nice sounding.Works great.I've noticed that bigger the HF horn, the more forward it would sound.The EV 12TRXB cast alum ones are good too.Keep in mind that these drivers allow you to adjust amount of HF to ... 
Am I the only one
Coach, I was on the same boat as you back in 1999 when I got back into audio hobby again. I had the bryston/lexicon setup but Hi end Audio and HT are two different fruits. I see you already got the audio speakers, why not go for the pure audio route? 
Am I the only one
I believe your setup is not sensitive enough to use better quality cable. From all the systems we used with SR active cables we had found that it sounded quieter with shielding on than without ( high freq is softer )You need to upgrade your amp/pr... 
Who can help find the manufacturer of this cable:
http://www.sakurasystems.com/products/47cabling.htmlAre you referring to this OTA cable? 
best speakers for vocals?
YOu would love horn speakers.Aside from the modern horn speakers,Highly recommend the vintage Jensen G and CX and EV TRXB coaxial speakers from the late 50s to early 60s.Very sweet highs and good bass too.The only thing you should keep in mind is ... 
Speaker cables
My friend bought those but didn't like the construction.There are alternatives from Cardas CCMS S and Philmore 45-282G ( with stright wire and banana plug adapter.) 
Tis a sad, sad day...
I still prefer the 805s with vintage MC240 amps. They're still the best sounding combo to me. 
H.P.Caravelles owners, are you still Satisfied.
There are many high power amps in the late 50s and 60s. Mostly used for PA but some designs came from Mac, Scott, fisher, HK, Marantz, Lafayette, Knight... almost everyone made one or two.As far as AR speakers, it is not neccessary better sounding... 
H.P.Caravelles owners, are you still Satisfied.
Warren, No surprise to see you switched after seeing you being a long time supporter for HP Caravelles. Monitor speakers have their limitations. The biggest plus about them is the size. I have 2 totally different setups. One with super low efficie... 
Eichmann Silver bullet plugs VS WBT Nextgen
Other than construction, obsolutely not as the silver plugs are very nice sounding. 
single driver with bass...????
Have you consider coaxial speakers?They sound quite good. 
Vintage Tube Amps, I'm Lost
Dynacos are actually cheap compared to other popular vintages.First of all, you need to figure out exactly how much power is needed. 35-50... I would pick 50 just to be safe.2nd, depends on the speaker design, some amps sound better with enclosed ... 
Cleaning Eichmann Silver Bullets
The silver cleaners from jewelry store comes in a plastic bottle. Obviously it doesn't dissolve plastic.In either case, you should not dip your connectors into the solution. Just apply with paper towel or cotton swab will do the trick. Make sure w... 
Cleaning Eichmann Silver Bullets
go to your local jewelry store and they sell the silver cleaner. $4 bottle will last you the lifetime. 
Spade Lugs for Vintage Mac Amps
Why need 8 when you only use 4 for a pair of speakers?