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Rogue Metis pre amp
Fruff1976; if it is that bad ditch it. There are too many alternatives that dont have this issue.-Rob 
Tube-Friendly Less Than or Equal to 2k
Back to your initial question- I can tell you that the 21l makes more sense than than 12l. It gives up almost nothing-and plays louder and lower. What you would spend on good stands will pay for the upgrade. These are definitely all around perfome... 
MMG or Triangle Titus speakers?
Intersting question about two of the best The MMG has more potential overall. The MMG will throw a wider, deeper and taller soundstage. Treble/HF is substantially better with the MMG vs the Titus. If you had a dedicated room and were looking for t... 
Time to move on, Quad, Coincident or Ref 3a
Absolutely no way to answer your question with info provided.-Rob 
The Definition of An Audiophile
An audiophile is someone who assembles a stereo system with care and then attempts to better it as a hobby. 
Have $600 Need input on upgrade for Acurus Amp
How about Aragon? I went from an a200 to a 2004mkii and the difference in smoothness was incredible. Much more refined. 
External crossover good next move?
Here is the questions; it didnt post initially.Re; issues with subwoofer integration.Q2. They either need a crossover hanging on the end of the power amp or an active filter between the pre and power amps, aren't both likely to ruin the sound from... 
External crossover good next move?
OP is original poster.Why dont you run a search for "subwoofer line level speaker" at audioasylum? Might help.Here is something from www.rel.net<<A2. Agreed, most do. However, REL sub-bass systems use the unique REL ABC, which circumvents th... 
External crossover good next move?
Your missing the point. This is not a line level vs speaker level debate.The issue is running it in the preout/main in loop. In this case line level forces it to be in the loop, which is why speaker level makes more sense to me.Simple logic says t... 
External crossover good next move?
The comparsion should not be done with and without the sub. You can still run the sub. By all means you should if you like it. All I am saying is get the signal to the sub via speaker level. Cheap speaker wire is all you need. 1 pair going to the ... 
External crossover good next move?
If you were bypassing the passive xo in the speakers than your point would be better taken. But your not. Also, the distortion/noise added at the line level is completely different than what is created by the transducer. It is far more audible and... 
External crossover good next move?
Well, my second question alluded to my reccomendation. But if you like the sound that is all that matters. However, it is somewhat atypical to do what you are doing and it opens up multiple cans of worms like this. 9/10 people are simply going to ... 
External crossover good next move?
Also- why do you need to cross over in the first place? 
External crossover good next move?
Can you tell us about your speakers and how they are crossover over/hooked up?-Rob 
Maggie mg 12: room 16 x 20?
I would say that room is perfectly suited to MMGs or 12s. -rob