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Best way to break in a tube amp? With cheap tubes?
Thank you Czbbcl. 
the smoothest sounding speaker
Ultra smooth. This has held true for both the 5.0s and 6.2s I have owned. Mating with tubes is almost too much imo. 
Compact Low-Powered Amp Recomendations?
Second the sophia reccomendations. Also that Trends unit mentioned before is absolutely stunning. www.audiomagus.com sells them in stock ot tweaked form.I had a stock baby and a stock trends driving bg ribbon monitors and while both were good, the... 
Tube amp speaker output 4 ohms VS 8 ohms
My experience is that there is no way to tell without trying. The sound will be much different in most cases. I have had 4 ohm speakers sound better on 8 ohm taps many times. You certainly will not hurt anything by experimenting. If you run search... 
Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?
I do take them with a grain of salt. Heck, something that sounds good in the bedroom can sound like hell in the living room so these are generalizations. One note that you brought up is that the Titus got more expensive, and it did. And while it m... 
Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?
We have all heard this 100 times about Tellig and Triangle and his apparent raving. How do you explain all of the other terrific reviews though? TNT for example... I would agree that they are not going to be everyones cup of tea but your view is a... 
Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?
Anyone notice that the new Titus ES slipped to class C in the Stereophile rec components list? Apparently Triangle could not follow the if it aint broke dont fix it mantality. So the original Titus XS was bettered by the 202 and the successor to t... 
Triangle Titus 202 Opinions?
They will smoooth out nicely after 100 hrs or so. Unless you have mated them with forward sounding electronics.The sounds will certainyl change though over the next few weeks. 
Proceed PAV/PDSD HT Processors Good?
The shortcomings have been effectively addressed in this thread. I could be wrong, but I do not see the value of these units falling to much farther below where they are now. In regards to the sound, if 2ch music is going to be something you are g... 
Recommendation - Rotel vs. Audiolab
FWIW, I beleive I just read that audiolab was purchased recently and the expectation is that it is going to become much more prevalant in the US.-rob 
What SS Int Amp to match with Sonus Faber?
If you are looking for tube sound, why not go with tubes? -rob 
Platinum solos need repair
Hmm, this is a proprietary woofer that is obviously no longer produced. Every once in a while you see parts for these on ebay. I do believe that you can use the studio series drivers as well, as an upgraded cabinet and crossover is the only differ... 
Review: Quad 12L-A Active Monitor
Thanks for the responses. No, there is no active version of the 11l to my knowledge. tcp; Quad moved their dynamic line of speakers in house before they launched this line. Before, speakers like the 10l were produced for Quad by Spendor. Quad redi...