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Best used speaker - Vand 2CE or Soliloque 6.3?
Amplification? Room size? Music preferences? Type of preferred sound? 
Anyone send back Magnepan MMG's?
Do MMG's get toed in at all? ...while on this thread? Any/more setup comments are appreciated! Thanks and good listening! Typically they do like a little toe in. Set up with these things can be rough. A lot of trial and error. The biggest thing i... 
Why are hi-end active monitors not more popular?
Can we all agree at this point that active design is superior to passive all things being equal.It seems to me that this would be very tough to argue. 
Anyone send back Magnepan MMG's?
No- I think that they are an incredible value.I will agree that they are not the greatest all around performers, but they do pianos vocals and strings very well.My only concern is about the driver discontinuity. What you explain is 100% opposite f... 
The Most Realistic Speaker Technology?
What kind of music do you listen to? How big is your room? Amplification?We all want "real" sounding music-like a musician is in the room. However, we all have different ideas on what that means. 
B&W DM640 - is there anything wrong?
I have a chromatic scale mp3 I can email you if you like. Basically a frequency sweep from 20hz to 20khz starting with the left speaker and then moving to the right.This may be helpful. 
Best amp under 1k for Soliloquy 5.0s
Joe- you could only use two of those little Trends. I'm not sure what I was thinking. The unit is technically already bridged due to the way the chip works. Even two would be awesome. At least give them a google. 
Best amp under 1k for Soliloquy 5.0s
The 5.0s are great speakers- I have run them in a room larger than yours with 10wpc. I also had the 6.0s for a while. They did make a SM-2a3 for 2a3s and 300bs but in all honesty is want that good- it wasnt efficient enough.A am very big fan of tu... 
Cheapest Sweetest deal you've found
Trends 10.1 integrated for $130 (now $150) is a screaming deal. The ebay quad active monitors that can be had for less than the passives. -Rob 
Quad Active Speakers 11l and 12l history/future
Shadorne, your dead on. Audiophile politics and other ancillary elements of the system building process have been the achilles heal of active designs. Not the price/performance ratios. What I would like to see if an active design utilizing a ss am... 
Quad Active Speakers 11l and 12l history/future
Congrats TIC- I think you will be very happy. Synergy can be a tricky thing to pull off- active designs make this much all that easier. You should read the review of the 11l active the TAS did back in November. They compare the sound with an ARC l... 
Opinions on Aragon 4004MKII?
This generation of Aragon amplifiers were designed by Krell.Really nice amplifiers that hold their value well. However, they are getting a little long in the tooth and very well could use a service within the next couple of years. 
Smoother bass by running woofer out of phase?
The OP is explicitely talking about changing the phase on the woofer for smoother bass. 
Smoother bass by running woofer out of phase?
I third setting up on the long wall. No question about it. In addition- only 50% or so of recordings actually maintain absolute phase, so who knows what you are actually hearing. Just because your wiring is in phase doesn't mean your music is. 
A great SS integrated with a good phono stage?
You might even try a Brio or Mira from Rega. Well within your price range-great phono sections. No I don't own or sell them...