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iPod docking station - Belkin vs Wadia vs Arcam
Buying the Wadia to use the analog outs defeat the purpose. The reason the Wadia is special is that it can output a digital stream. If you are going to use analog outs, just buy the apple doc for $40. Maybe go with the Arcam or one of the others i... 
NHT 3.3 with SA3 Amps????
If it is the AVP it can support dual subs with the latest software. 
Speaker Dimple
The purpose of the dome is dispersion. It is very possible that your defect is inaudible. 
Speaker Dimple
The biggest problem with the dimples is that they affect dispersion and subsequently imaging.If you listen to a single speaker at once, you may not be able to detect any difference- as the actual driver is behind the dome. However, if you listen i... 
Something is amiss
You might want to look up "near field" to make sure we are talking about the same thing.Proper near field setup almost completely eliminates room effects. 
Most expensive
Cool list.I am sure that the Audio Note AN-E Sogon is a wonderful sounding speaker but I cant imagine telling someone I spent 6 figures on something that looks like it could be had at a garage sale! 
Something is amiss
The room is the main issue and the only way to take it out of the equation is to listen in the near field. 
Quad 12L at low volume
Well have to disagree on that one but we do agree on everything else. The 202 really only plays down to 65hz or so. The newer Titus ES does a better job with dynamics but unfortunately loses a little of the 202 magic. 
What fits well with Magnepans?
Agreed with the person that said the more power the better. Most long term Maggie owners adhere to this- and interestingly many go from high power, to lower power and than back to even higher power.Also- a little ot, but I would think twice about ... 
good speaker with Sound stage behind????
Duke hit the nail on the head per usual. 
Quad 12L at low volume
When I was reading the initial question what mapman said is exactly what I was thinking. Quad 12l passive is good but not great in terms of low level listening. The Triangle Titus (especially the 202) is the absolute champ in this regard. The only... 
Do yourself a favor and go with a different speaker. Maggies are great when they can breath. When they cant they arnt.-Rob 
amp and preamp... i'm getting close
I agree that integrated is the way to go at this price as well. An entry level integrated with phono from Edge just got listed today for a kilobuck. No affiliation but it is a very nice unit. 
Dont waste your time. 
legends and new preamp choice...
Cell Encore is one of the best preamplifiers ever built. Everything else you mention is just really good.