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Received my Wadia i170 transport today.
Really Chris? That good?That would certainly be exciting news... 
Anybody heard the Quad 21L or 21L2?
It did take a little while for the bass to relax on mine it seems. They seemed a little tense out of the box to me. 
Speakers better than the MMGs?
It depends what you are looking for in a speaker. Big bass and dynamics? Then yes. Pinpoint imaging? Yes. Natural vocals and strings? Probably not.All speakers represent a compromise.-Rob 
3-d sounding headphones.....
Ultrasones are incredible in this regard. 
how much to toe-in quads?
They shouldent be on the wall- they are rear ported and need a couple feet of breathing room from the wall at minimum. Pulling them out will open things up considerably. Mine are pointed towards the outside of my shoulders FWIW. 
Easy to drive large speakers for Rock & Roll?
You would probably love the Klipsch Epic CF-3, or any of the Epic series but they are hard to find.These were Klipsh's attempt at attacking the high end market. Everyone loved them except the legacy Klipsch community, so they had a relatively shor... 
Anybody heard the Quad 21L or 21L2?
Waveform, sounds like your sources are lower voltage than normal, you like things real loud or you have a huge room.21s are 88db sensative, 22s are 89. This is far from what most would consider power hungery.16wpc is getting 21s close to 100db. Th... 
Anybody heard the Quad 21L or 21L2?
Happy to share!Good luck-Rob 
Magnepan 3a's with two bridged krell 1000wpc 8ohms
Maggies are a flat and stable 4 ohm load for the most part.More power the better. 
Buying a 10 years old loudspeaker
Dave is right. Parts are key, considering many higher end designs (especially over the last 10-15 years) were designed with proprietary drivers. If these companies fail accessing the oem parts is a crap shoot at best. 
Anybody heard the Quad 21L or 21L2?
They are almost as transparent as my Magnepans and pin point image far better. Transparency is a big factor for me- they have a good dose of that "music materializing out of thin air" quality that good ribbions are known for. They are extremely co... 
Anybody heard the Quad 21L or 21L2?
I have actually been meaning to post a review of these but have not finished it up yet as I have been too busy.I have alot of experience with the L series Quads. 12l, 21l, 22l, 12l Active and now 21l2- in black. I am going to keep it short for now... 
Angling speakers up instead of high stands
Those maplesahdes are very reasonably priced at least. -Rob 
Subwoofer set up
Most people will dial the sub in where the speakers begin to naturally roll off. This can be done by ear.-Rob 
Wilson MAXX musicallity and sound
Maybe you should throw a little bit more money at the problem. J/k. :)This is almost certainly an issue with your room. I would call a professional consultant or at the very least check out the room acoustics circle at audiocircle.com-Rob