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HK Signature 2.0 or NuForce AVP-16
I recall many reports of people having issues with the HK unit. You might want to run a search on hometheaterforum and audioasylum.Shopping for a "2ch centric" home theater precessor of yesteryear is fun as hell IMO. You can get really awesome sou... 
mixing a digital amp with a proceed amp ?
What are your concerns specifically?I dont see any problems at first glance.The Rowland is not a digital amp- class D does not stand for "digital". It has a switching power supply which is frequently considered a digital amp but the output stage i... 
smoother, liquidy sound CAP 101 or MF A3.2?
Boy I hate to rock the boat but my experience is a little different. FWIW, I am speaking from experience with Classe and MF but not the exact models you are referring to. Hence, I am commenting on what I believe is the "house sound."I would say th... 
Bi-amping B&W 703's
There is no right or wrong answer here, try for yourself- however horizontal biamping as you have descirbed has the least chance of being effective.Vertical biamping (one amp per speaker) or mono moode on your amps is going to most likely work bes... 
EXPERTS: Intg or better amp to improve 2 ch in HT?
Integrated for sure. I would add Musical Fidelity to your list, they mate well with the 800 series. 
Bi-amping B&W 703's
Theoretically monoblock configuration would provide more benefit as each amps power supply is only responsible for producing one speakers bottom octaves- which are the speakers largest demand on the amp.If you were going to go active, then stereo ... 
How do I spend $5000? A CD player or DAC for my De
Here is a vote for a DAC. An not a hugely expensive one either. Benchmark maybe...The resale value on digital is so awful that I would to have money falling out of my ass to consider an expensive player. Couple this with relatively high failure ra... 
Good beginner tube amp suggestions
Right on joe_in_seatle, the baby was my first tube amp. 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
There was a sex in the city epsiode where one of the chics boyfriends was an audiophile and was playing jazz through a tube system. He was really into it and it was the focus of a 2-3 minute long scene from what I remember.The best part is that th... 
Most Reliable CDPs?
Keep in mind that the transport mechanisms are often the most prone to failure and there are only a few manufacturers that actually build these while all the others source them as oem. There is far less diversity out there than what you might thin... 
Magnapan MMG and Scott 222
Id be interested in hearing the results. I have found that the more power the better with MMGs- but do recognize that small amps can sound quite nice as well. I used a 70wpc KT88 integrated for a while.I now use 300wpc on my MMGs- which was a majo... 
Good, cheap, loud speakers
Infinity Primus 
Neutral el-34 .re-issue o/p tube for Jolida 302b.
The most neutral and extended EL34 I have ever heard is the EH 6CA7. SED is quite good but definitely a little sweeter and slightly fatter sounding. Probably still my favorite current production tube.-Rob 
Anyone send back Magnepan MMG's?
j-stereo,7in is probably too high. Most people prefer 2-5". You should really check out the magnepan users group on aa. 
Difference b/t Paradigm Active 20 v.1 & v.2
These are killer speakers, but unfortauntely never were that popular in audiophile circles. No active designs are btw...Instead of holding your breath waiting for your question to be answered a call to Paradigm might be worthwhile.