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Responses from robr45

Efficient floorstndrs. to reach above furniture
How much clearance do you need to get over the furniture? 
Speaker depth is greater than top plate
I think you will be okay, most of the time the top plate is smaller than the bottom of the speaker. 
What is the 'Chales Shaw' of loudspeakers?
Since when is $2200 for a pair of speakers cheap? 
Arcam A70 or NAD C72 for Vandersteen
My experience with Arcam and Nad is that Arcam tends to be a little more articulate and refined while the Nad delivers more current /power and has better drive.Both are a touch warm sounding.I have not heard your speakers so I wont make a reccomen... 
Question about set amps and low sensitivity spkrs
No harm in trying both 4 and 8 ohm taps and going with whichever ones sounds best. I have found 8ohm taps to sound better than 4 ohm taps with 4 ohm speakers- but it is a case by case basis. -Rob 
BookShelf Speakers Sound Muddy HELP
Could be crappy speaker stands too. This just happened to me.-Rob 
tube ringing?
If you tubes are microphonic and ringing it should be obvious. One idea is to listen to a CD at a level high enough to induce the problem and then pause and listen for a risidual ringing. If you have dead silence right after the pause than your tu... 
Can pro amps possibly sound good? Crown, QSC, etc
Pro amps are like everything else- some are good and some are bad. There are no issues with using them at home most of the time and often they can be had for far less than comporable audiophile jewelry.I would not intentionally avoid pro stuff. I ... 
Bi-amping question
Yeah, it seems like 1+1 no longer = 2.-Rob 
Speakers and depth...
How about a dipole or bipolar design?-Rob 
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 vs Quad 12L
Were just posting our experiences right? I think your theory on speakers being good or bad is flawed to an extent. The fact is that a Klipsch speaker is going to have different attributes than a Magnepan. Both can be good. That is a fact. Speakers... 
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 vs Quad 12L
Versus the music every seems to fall in love with after they get into this hobby. Audiophile labels, high res, whatever you want to call it. -Rob 
Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 vs Quad 12L
I have owned the AC L2se, Quad 12l, 12l Active and 21L2. It is going to come down to your musical preferences. If you listen exclsuively to Norah Jones and Diana Krall- light jazz, strings, etc than you will really like the AC. The tweeter is real... 
Which NOS tubes on my ASL 1009 for more warmth?
Winged Cs are awesome tubes. My $.02 is spending big $ for nos is idiotic. 
Bi-amping question
I think you made a good choice. It is the simplest answer which is most often the right one.-Rob