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AVI ADM9.1 vs. Peachtree Nova + Joseph Audio RM7Si
I will probably be the only one speaking for the AVI but these are incredible speakers. Any chance you can borrow a pair for a week? I think your initial impression would subside if you had a few hours with them. Your comments are quite common and... 
Von schweikert VR-1 VS Ascend Sierra
Never heard the Ascend but the VR1 is pretty special. It does all the mini monitor stuff well and it has big bass. It can also be driven by just about anything and is very well finished. What a package! 
DAC that re-clocks for under $1000?
Does these DACs really "re-clock". I was under the impression they were jitter immune/rejecting but do not truly reclock. 
B&W 805 matrix question
805 matrix is a legend. 
Upgrade from DACMagic? B&W 805S rig
Try room correction. Behringer DEQ2496 or KRK ERGO. These are not subtle differences and unless you run a really nice analog front end make good. 
AppleTV work with USB DAC?
I don't believe he atv has a fan. He is probably hearing the hard drive spooling down. 
Review: Quad 12L-A Active Monitor
When this review was written they did not exist. It took a couple years for the 11s to show up. There are 9s as well with an integrated USB dac. 
Speakers that sound like Grado headphones?
Studio monitors in the near field. 
Magnepan, How Low Can You Go...power-wise
Sebrof is correct. But the op also asks at some point if he would be doing a disservice to them with the simaudio. The answer to this in my opinion is yes.Magnepans need enormous amounts of juice to sound their best. They can sound good with much ... 
Active Speaker Recommendation
AVI adm9 or 9.1 show up used on occasion for around $1k. These have an integrated dac and analog preamp with remote built in. To say they are stellar is a massive understatement.Quad 12l active is formidable in this class.For true pro monitors you... 
Quad 11L owners only, please list the amplifier...
Arcam is fantastic with the quads as well. Even the a65+ sounds killer. Once you start talking newer arcam you really get a refined sound. 
Driving Magnepan MMG's with 50 wpc Rawson GC
Magnepan measures sensativity differently than most so they are really far less sensative than 86db implies. You need more power- 
soliloquy 5.3 and 5.3i
Metal dome tweeter in the i versus soft dome in the original if I recall. 
Squeezebox Mods Effective On Digital Output?
I would look into a good reclocker before dumping a lot of money into sb mods. 
alternative to apple tv?
There is no fan in the ATV- so while the supervisior is right that crashing is abnormal- he isnt very familiar with the product.My ATV runs hotter than I like, but October will be one year of smooth operation. (knock knock knock) I have found that...