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Spendor D9.2 vs. Harbeth super hl5 plus xd + REL Stentor III vs. Spendor Classic 100?
I had a difficult time integrating a sub during my time with the SHL5.  I'd go with Spendor Classic 100. 
EL 34 tubes
@lowrider57 Siemens EL34's.  Hard to come by these days without spending big bucks.   
EL 34 tubes
I preferr RAM EL34's to Gold Lion KT77's in my Music Reference RM9 MK2. 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
I used ATS panels with the coffee bean bag covering in my current room, prior to replacing them with GIK 244, Alpha 4 and Tritraps.   While the ATS https://www.atsacoustics.com/item--ATS-Acoustics-Coffee-Bag-Acoustic-Panel--3001.html satisfied my ... 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
@nolojunko is correct regarding the long lead-times and paying up front with GIK, however, from a value standpoint, GIK's products sell for roughly half the price that RealTraps do... so not necessarily an apples to apples comparison.   I've heard... 
About to invest in room treatments; GIK, RealTraps, DIY -- what is your experience?
I've used GIK Acoustics twice for two different homes over the last 12 years.  Good advice/service, highly effective products at very reasonable prices.  Their business is booming right now, so you may have to wait 8 weeks, like I did, to take del... 
Newbie Can't Decide Which Tube Amp
Frequently available used in your price range:Music Reference RM200 MK1 or 2Manley Snapper monoblocksQuicksilver VR4 monoblocksMcIntosh MC275 MK V or VI 
Midrange/treble harshness at volume
Order a pair of free standing GIK 244 panels for first reflection absorption.  I had the same problem and the 244 panels fixed it instantly. 
Room treatments - GIK Vs Acoustimac
@schism3510   I just treated my 14' x 26' room with GIK and have zero complaints.   10 years ago I treated a room of comparable size in a previous home... same result:  no complaints, effective product, good service and excellent value. 
Room Treatment, Panel Sound Diffusers
Ditto the GIK recommendation.  I just redid my room with their product.  Good advice, good products and very affordable.  Their 244 panels are excellent as are various diffusors. 
“Marks on the underside”
I would never complain about marks on the underside.  That's a BS move by the seller.   The seller should be embarrassed for even bringing it up, let alone requesting a return. 
For auld lang syne, ..high-end companies you really liked that are gone....
Audio Aero CDP's / DACS 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
@mitch2 I'm hoping the Pro 9's err on the warm side of neutral and a little rolled off on the highs. 
Recommendation for a replacement speaker cable
@simao I have a pair of Duelund 12 gage you can borrow to see if you like them.  I have a pair of Harmonic Tech Pro 9's due to arrive next Thursday... so anytime after they arrive is fine.  Let me know.BTW, they are not for sale.  I use them in bo... 
Harbeth 40.3 XD versus Harbeth 40.2
@starwarrior... just reporting what I heard from the US distributor a few months back.  Looking forward to hearing what others have to say on the topic.