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which amp for bedroom system with harbeth 7es-3 XD
@jjss49 Do you prefer Hegel 590 to a comparably priced tube amp with Harbeth 40 series (40.2 or 40.3)?  
Schiit Freya + Class A in Stereophile
@yyzsantabarbara which two preamps did you like better?  
Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?
I've owned SHL5's, 40.1's (twice) and now 40.2 Anni's... and I've never been satisfied driving them with solid state and always come back to tube amps.  My current amp (vintage Music Reference RM9 MK2 with RFT EL34's) has stayed with me the longes... 
Zesto Audio Customer Service.
Thanks for sharing. I always make mental notes on which companies stand out (good AND bad) and use that as part of my decision making rationale when making future purchases.  
Need help to select a speaker
I've had four pairs of Dynaudio over the years, from the entry level Audience line to the Confidence 2's and 4's... definitely not a speaker that excels at low volume and not recommended for the OP. I agree with @rocray on recommendation of monit... 
Suggestions for a streamer only (I have a great DAC)
Consider a used Aurender N10.   I found mine used from a dealer for $4,500.  It's been a huge jump up in sound quality vs. the entry level streamers I used previously.  One word of caution... I recommend you have a hardwired ethernet connection to... 
Luxman integrated for Harbeth Compact 7's
@mbabst I had a Luxman DA-06 DAC several years ago... very nice sounding, double free DAC. Recommended.  
Where is Geoff Kait???😢
+1 @sbank 😂  
Aurender conductor: unable to delete favorites?
I was just experiencing the same thing!  
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
@budburma It's been years ago, but prior to turning into a Harbeth lemming, I had Dynaudio C4's and tried Simaudio W6 mono blocks, thinking it would be a synergistic pairing.  I found the W6's to be a big disappointment and sold them within a week... 
Suggestions for ripping services.
@nc03854 Were you successful in finding a service that could rip and tag your CD collection?  I'm struggling to do it myself.  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
I pulled the trigger and made the jump from a Bluesound Node to an Aurender N10.  I can validate the improvement was a game changer, as you would expect, given the considerable difference in price.     
Problem with Esoteric service
Not sure if this is accurate, but I've heard similar things about DCS, in that if you are not the original owner, the odds of getting used units serviced is not good.  I will avoid DCS and Esoteric.  
Do different streamers really sound different when using an external DAC
I used Bluesound products (Vault 2 and the latest Node) for several years combined.  In my experience streaming via Bluesound sounds best when wired (vs. wireless), which in my case was with a wireless extender.  Adding a DAC is also a BIG plus...... 
Anyone Seen a Feb 2022 Stereophile Issue??
not yet... but sense it's over due.