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Speaker suggestions please - going to the BIG city
Used Harbeth M-40.2's ($10K) would be a good fit for your music preferences, room size and accompanying electronics.   
Acoustic BBQ Cables
I love my Acoustic BBQ Dueland speaker cables.   
The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.
Swing and a miss on the aesthetics. 
Harbeth 30.1, 30.2, XD
@twoleftears @Ryder comments are spot on.  This also applies to Harbeth 40.1 and 40.2 Anniversaries as well.  Both great speakers, but I find the 40.2's are more difficult to place and benefit from room treatment. 
Tubes for Cary V12 amps.
I recently tried Mullard re-issues in my Music Reference RM9 MKII and was very disappointed.  The best sounding I've used are RAM EL34's from The Tube Audio Store @ $35 each. 
Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS
@raysmtb1... you mean the "Bricasti" is the clear winner, correct?  
Emission Labs Tube Warranty Problems
That's lame service and poor professionalism on the part of the distributor.  I always assumed they were reputable, but your experience proves otherwise.   
Opinion on audio note kit dac 5.1 or 4.1
I demo'ed a 3.1 in my system for a few days.  Nice sound... smooth and warm, but not as good as my previous DAC Luxman (DA-06) and current DAC (Audio Aero Capitol Reference).  Could be a synergy thing, as I could see the Audio Note being a good fi... 
In doubt about vac phi 170 IQ mono blocks and zesto eros 300 mono blocks
If the VAC Phi 170 sounds anything like the VAC Phi 200, you can find better sound for less money in my experience. 
What happened to Audio Aero?
Any reputable tech can replace the tubes or troubleshoot simple things.   
Anyone drive Verity Audio Parsifal Encores with tubes?
Audiogoner @Montaldo drives Encores with Quicksilver V4 monoblocks. Great sounding combo.  I'd use tubes if I owned them. 
The Most "Analog" CD Player?
ditto @antigrunge2  regarding Audio Aero Capitol.  I have the Capitol Reference modded with Jupiter copper foil caps and Mullard tubes... best digital sound I've ever experienced.   Too bad they don't make them any longer.  If I had to buy another... 
Spendor D9.2 vs. Harbeth super hl5 plus xd + REL Stentor III vs. Spendor Classic 100?
You can get a gently used pair of Harbeth M 40.2 or 40.2 Anniversaries with stands for $9.5 to $11.5K.  There's also a mint pair of Rosewood Harbeth 40.1's listed on US Audio Mart for $7.5K.  I've owned 40.1's twice and currently own 40.2 Anni's..... 
Shootout-- Primaluna Dialog HP Integrated/Carver Crimson 275/Elekit 300B
@jjss49 looking forward to your impressions of your new Carver amp. 
What room treatment product have transformed your room or audio system?
Free standing GIK 244 panels for first reflection points.  The "free standing" version. allows you to move them as desired to tailor the sound.