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CARA - Room Acoustic Software
"Would I give Cara all the dimensions and positions, and then have it tell me what I get? Or, would I give Cara all the dimensions and peices of furniture, etc, and then have it tell me where to put things?"The former. OTOH, you can restrict the p... 
DACs with volume controls
In addition to the Wavelength, take a look at the Camelot Uther which has remote control, multiple inputs and an all-analog volume control. Used may be in your $ range. 
suround SACD availability
It's out there. More daily. Miniscule compared to the music selections on CD but, hey, it's a new medium. 
monsoon panel speakers?
Great imaging. Not super in tonal accuracy especially in the crossover region. Rest of my comments in October Stereophile. Good value for high-end wannabees. 
Mendelssohn's String Octect, op. 20, any suggestion?
Off the wall suggestion: There's a new multichannel DVD-A of the Octet on Tacet with the instruments in a ring around the listener. It's fascinating as the melodies zoom around the room. 
How could surround sound be used in an audiophile system?
The Meridian 861 will do all you ask. It will handle/synthessize/balance any number of channels from a stereo source and is capable of handling multichannel inputs if you go that way. Furthermore, I see no valid reason for not going all the way to... 
Hafler Mono Kit
Nakamichi also made a bridging adapter which will work with the Hafler. The DIY solution is cheap and easy, though. You only need to add an inverting stage to one channel and it can be half of a dual opamp with the other as a unity gain buffer for... 
Help to find an inexpencive active Xover
See for inexpensive effective active crossovers. 
Room acoustics - yet again
Sol322 wrote: "Nice tip, could you please advise more details about CARA."I wrote a full description/review in the September Stereophile. 
Science Fiction Time ?
Digital room conditioning, as you put it, is already here. SigTech, Snell, Meridian, TacT, etc. 
TacT RCS 2.0 Question???
I wouldn't even try. Play the CD layer. 
CARA - Room Acoustic Software
Albertlu wrote: "My question was more along the lines of whether or not the SPL diagrams were editable, given thatyou actually have the measured frequency response of each driver."CARA does not measure anything; it models based on input data. 
CARA - Room Acoustic Software
"Are there any ways of actually defining a custom loudspeaker with its actual SPL diagram?"Inadequate. You need the spatial information as well. You need to know all the dimensions of the speaker (you can measure them), the frequency bands for eac... 
CARA - Room Acoustic Software
1. CARA can accommodate open doorways.2. Unlike most other programs, it can handle non-rectangular rooms.3. Computation can be long but there are strategies for that.4. Real measurments are, of course, better but that means moving real objects for... 
Paradigm X-30 Question
The red light goes on when the unit is powered and switched on. Is it possible that you have it set so that it is switched by the presence of a signal? Is there a signal?