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Bel Canto evo 2 amp with Paradigm 100's
I didn't say that it wasn't worth bridging the eVo2; I said that doing so is less significant than doing so with the 200.2. This is simply because the 200.2 is output-limited by circuitry and by the transformer/PS. 
Bel Canto evo 2 amp with Paradigm 100's
I suspect that the need to run it in bridged mode is more signficant for the 200.2 than it is for the eVo2. 
Vinyl Old timers: HK's and Rabco's
1. It would be very difficult, but not impossible, for an adept person to remove an arm from an ST-5,7 or 8 to install on another turntable since, on these, the main turntable motor drives the rotating armtube via an additional pulley on the main ... 
Thorens TD-520, any value?
OK. Thorens technical data says 17-19 but I've run it on 16VAC. You can probably buy this, try it, and if it doesn't work, use the connector for an off-the-shelf PS. 
Thorens TD-520, any value?
Thorens TD-520, any value?
And it sold for $1000-$1500 recently, used. 
Thorens TD-520, any value?
It's a simple job for anyone with some audio/electronics experience. BTW, if you find a technician to do it, I have the schematics for it. 
Thorens TD-520, any value?
If it says: "Umin 18V AC / Imax 250mA, 50/60 HZ," all you need is a wall-wart transformer that can output 18V AC at a minimum of 250mA. You can buy such from Radio Shack or any of a number of mail-order houses like Mouser or PartsExpress. However,... 
Quality CD Player with Tact RCS
Route 1 is recommended and the Meridian is a good match. The DACs on the latest RCS will be a worthwhile trade-off for the room correction. Avoid the unnecessary A/D of Route 2. 
Thorens TD-520, any value?
Which power supply do you need? The external one is generic and simply supplies 16VAC to the internal one. The internal one is the complex/expensive one but I have a NOS one somewhere in the shop. 
Power amps: Bel Canto v.s. PS Audio Hybrid
Bel Canto just started shipping the eVo2 last month, so the appearance of 200.2 amps is as easily correlated with that event. IMHO, without statistics, I don't think there's any meaning in these observations. 
Any phono sections with adjustments on fly/front?
Zipper or buttons? :-) 
is2e or is2 transport.. what is available?
In addition to SF, Camelot, and Muse, look for a used Audio Alchemy DDSPro. Great machine. 
Pioneer DV 47-A DVD-A output analogue only
Yup. As of today, there is no digital output of DVD-A or SACD sources (aside from the proprietary Meridian and Accuphase arrangements) from any player. Somebody should have told you. 
Why didn't the DAD format take off??
DAD does not stand for Digital recording/Analog mastering/Digital release but for Digital Audio Disc. It is an audio disc which uses the audio parameters of the DVD-video specifications and, therefore, is playable on all DVD players. AFAIK, only C...