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Room acoustics - yet again
1. Try a modelling system like CARA that can accomodate irregular room shapes.2. Try ETF which can measure what is actually going on. 
Stanton 500e MKII Cartyridge??
SME III Tonearm: Classic or Dinosaur?
The III was the one designed for lowest mass and lowest traking force, not the IV. OTOH, it used with the very high compliance, very low mass cartridges that IT WAS DESIGNED FOR (and not most MC designs), it is excellent. 
McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5
OK. It's nice that so many people love their DNA-2 amps but, until someone does a side-by-side comparison with the W-5, all the comments can not answer the original query.Yes, McCormack service is quick and attentive but so is SimAudio service. My... 
McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5
I have no doubt that the DNA2 is a great amp although I have not heard it. However, have any of you DNA2 fans actually compared it, side by side, with a SimAudio Moon S-5? 
McCormack DNA2 Deluxe vs Sim Aud Moon W5
Assuming the DNA2 Deluxe sounds like a DNA1 Deluxe: Neither is better. The Sim is smoother in the HF with gobs of power. The DNA is dynamic and punchy. Depends on your application. 
Newbie hook-up question w/ ARC PH-3 SE
This combination (Lenco + AR PH-3 SE) is analagous to putting a 2-stroke motorcycle engine in a Mercedes. The critical issue is what cartridge is in the Lenco. Then, make sure that the PH-3 is set up appropriately for gain and load. 
Comments on the Bow Wazoo Integrated Amp
Remember, the Wazoo is really a power amp with a potentiometer in front. There is no gain as with a separate preamp. Therefore, turning up the volume control is merely reducing the attenuation and, until there's audible overload, don't worry about... 
Comments on the Bow Wazoo Integrated Amp
The Wazoo is not a powerhouse but, within its capabilities, an excellent amp. What is the efficiency of the SFs? How loud do you need it? 
Z-Systems RDP-1
1. I do not think that the RDP-1 imparts any significant character to the sound.2. If one is using the Camelot Uther DAC, one does not need another switcher/volume control since the Uther has multiple, selectable inputs and a very nice analog volu... 
I need TT Help: Please advise
The Planar 9 is a fine TT. What arm is it? Rega has notused an s-shaped arm in over a decade. See about replacing the arm. 
DNA-1 SMc A/B mods: More laid back?
It will be ever-so-slightly more laid back but the other enhancements are worth it.