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Simple B&W Nautilus 804 Question
There are specific instructions for this as it may be the transit screw or, more critically, the tensioning screw for the driver. I do not have the instructions with me now but, if you will repost with a better description of the screw, I will con... 
How much power needed for Revel Studios?
That should work. I have been running my Studios with the SF Power3s which are about 225wpc. 
Sound and Vision Buyers guide
Nada, nothing, zip 
foiled again...
The 5.3s are excellent and do require some space behind them to let the ports breath. For that purpose, 2 feet should do but more is better for the imaging in the rest of the audible range.I also love the TacT but it cannot make a silk purse out o... 
KEF 104/2 Ref: Needs new crossover and drivers
Why? If they are working OK, you are unlikely to improve them by swapping drivers and networks that were not designed for the particular enclosures. If they are not working, your best bet for performance integrity is exact factory replacements. 
Best city between these two?
Either one is acceptable but there are no decent cities between these two. ;-) 
Adapters for RCA
What connectors do you have? AFAIK, Audio Research used RCA or BNC coax, XLR (AES/EBU) and an optical connector. I doubt that they have no RCA connectors unless this is a strange variant.BTW, the coax you are using must have RCA or BNC connectors ... 
What is the name of your system.
The monster. 
Help on a multi-room configuration
You are better off with smaller local amps in each room. These can be arranged to autoswitch their power. 
Audio at 54 Khz by Tannoy
I've read the original articles (I am a neurobiologist) and they are intriguing but not convincing. There are many technical issues which make it difficult to accept that the experimental findings are behaviorally significant. The neurophysiologic... 
Audio at 54 Khz by Tannoy
Few people can hear beyond 20kHz. Most adults can't even get that far. 
Naim Phono Board DIY Modifications-Anyone?
Try this: 
Tell me a better value DD decoder than Sony ep9es?
Better value? I haven't heard the Sony but the Technics SH-AC500 has DD and DTS and is usually available cheaper on the used market. 
Miracord still in business?
ELAC exists in Germany but they haven't made LP players in years. 
Source for Meridian M10 Tweeters
They were made by KEF. Can you read the model numbers off them?