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Any reviews or weblinks to Bow Technologies?
Wazoo and CD players were reviewed in Stereophile.See for information 
Speaker Positioning with Tact RCS 2.0
While you have greater freedom in positioning with the TacT, you cannot just plop the speakers down willy-nilly. Use the general rules (like the Cardas approach) or model the placement (with CARA or RoomOptimizer). You can, as stated, move the spe... 
Which Bi-amp speakers are best?
So, you have one Meridian 557? Then, even with two sets of binding posts, the best you can do is bi-wire, not bi-amp, the speakers. You would have to add another 557 to do that.In any case, choosing a speaker because it has bi-wiring or bi-amping ... 
Need help from Z-Systems owners
Check with z-systems about your particular unit. There have been several upgrades to (1) account for higher bit-rates and (2) to provide better auto-lock to certain signals. If your unit is an older one and you are using DADs or DVDs or an upsampl... 
creating the live event
Well, for those of us who listen to acoustic music, the electronically created(!) is the minority.OTOH, speakers used for such creation have distinct characteristics and, therefore, REcreating the music on them will double their effect. The result... 
Parametric eq
If a digital parametric eq will suit, try the z-systems RDP-1 or RDQ-1. Flexible and transparent. Also seen used on the net. 
'L' Shaped Listening Rooms. What works?
Try Cara. It's a room modeling program that can accomodate irregular rooms and it did great for me. 
Pioneer DV 38A DD5.1 Selection
I think that what is being asked is how to play the DD 5.1 track, rather than the DVD-A track in 5.1 or stereo. This may not be possible. Some DVD-A players default to the DVD-A tracks and will not permit access to the DD (or DTS) tracks. 
RCA to 25-bit
Is it really a 25bit(!) connector or a 25pin connector? I suspect the latter since there's no A/D converter in the cable. As for the $90, that's not too expensive for such a complex device but you can build a 2 (or more) channel equivalent more ch... 
Classical Music Review
Abstract7 wrote: Please educate me further. In the liner notes it states: "This is the first recroding on the MA Recrodings label that consistes of a strictly "classical" program." Todd Garfinkle.. Then Todd forgets his recording of Vol. 1 of the ... 
Classical Music Review
Bach, Goldberg Variations, Eto Ema, 10, 9: This recording is spectacular. This is the first classical recording on M*A recordings.This is NOT the first classical M*A recording. Otherwise, I agree with you fully. 
Pre-Pre-Amp Building Leach design or Op-
The Leach is a no-brainer that works. You can build better today with some effort but not much quieter. 
2 or 4 channels?
No. It is a two channel amp: Both right speakers (A+B) and both left speakers (A+B) carry the same information. 
Wire Up-grade for Rega RB300
I used the Incognito rewire kit and the Express Machining counterweight. Together, they really improve the RB300. 
30 runs of balanced interconnect
That's exactly what I run without any problems. Even works with unbalanced lines.