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Power amps: Bel Canto v.s. PS Audio Hybrid
The eVo 200.2 has been replaced by the eVo2 which is an improvement, at least in terms of power supply. Has anyone compared a production PS HCA-2 with a production eVo2 yet? 
CD changer cutting out. Volume causing vibrations?
Bring the player back and have it fixed. 
My dac's ultra analog AES-20 chip went bad?
my res audio dac ultra analog Aes-20 chip went bad
Try Frontiers used the AES-20. 
Replacement tweeters for Polk SDA-1
They are adaptations of the original Peerless KO-10DT. 
audio show in NY
Details at: 
purpose of dual rca inputs on mono amp?
Another approach that some have taken (such as in the Marantz 8) is to have one input bandwidth-limited for listening and the other wide-open for testing purposes. Of course, one could use either (or both) whenever one wanted. 
Re: Remember 'Mayware' uni-pivot tonearms?
Graham, Naim and Immedia, among others, still make high quality unipivot arms. 
0dB gain question
The real issue is that the active preamp will have a constant, low impedance output. The passive will usually have a higher and somewhat variable output impedance. 
Question about polarity-inverting preamps
Many of these amps are single-ended, that is, they have one output signal referenced to ground. In such case, one cannot simply switch signal and ground to reverse polarity. The only way would be to add another stage which ain't the best way. Swap... 
Anagram STARS Resampling dsp - which brands?
Nagra, Talk Electronics and, perhaps, Stello. 
Help My
Is there any DC offset on the output of the CJ? 
DVD Audio for 2-channel systems???
DVD-Audio is difficult to manage without a video display. 
Thorens 125 MkII: MM or MC cartridge? What's diff?
The Thorens will take others but this is just fine. 
Simple B&W Nautilus 804 Question
The manual (for the 800) states that one should remove the cross-cut (philips driver) screw which is for transport. It say NOT to remove or adjust the slotted (flat driver) screw which tensions the midrange driver.