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Learning from him
Wow dude, that's deep. 
need to find out maker of these speakers? any help
Those are the elusive WTF speakers. Very hard to find and very expensive. 
Suggest SACD Player No Video, New or Used, $1kish?
Try to find a used Marantz SA-8001. You won't be disappointed. 
Not asking the best....
How can we forget the intro and coda to "Freebird"? We can't after hearing it 10,000 times on the radio !!!!! 
Installing a stereo in my garage. Suggestions?
focusing on keeping fingers attached at those moments.Give the man a cigar. Safety first, always. 
Sexiest Speakers
There is something seriously wrong with one who thinks speakers are sexy !!!!!! :) 
Boarding school or duct tape?
Well done Dave, well done !!!!! 
Wu-tang clan new cd
{quote}03-27-14: BojackHow sad.{/quote}Amen !!!!! 
Source for Belden 9497 speaker wire?
Try Blue Jeans Cable. 
Boarding school or duct tape?
My granddaughter wanted a Cinderella style theme birthday party ... so I invited all her girl friends over and made them clean my house (;-Good one Dave !!!!!! 
Oderus Urungus found dead
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning Sed? 
Boarding school or duct tape?
Boarding school or duct tape?Neither. A good ass whippin' works wonders. 
Oderus Urungus found dead
Is this the end of Gwar?We can only hope so. 
Start by purchasing a subscription to the Audiogon Bluebook. 
Silver cables
Signal Cable produces excellent cables at very reasonable prices.