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Best Christmas music, CD or album on your list ?
Bah freakin' humbug, I hate xmas music. Well, the Chimpmunks are pretty special. 
How much to pay for a Record ?
No different than some car guy paying 20 grand for a rust bucket '32 Ford. If ya wanna play ya gotsta pay!!!!! 
Best rock bass player
The Ox. 
Powering PSB Synchrony Two Towers
PSB and NAD are a match made in heaven. 
Best sounding Hybrid Integrated in $2000 range
He's looking for a hybrid. 
Why does Spectral have such a cult following
Eye herd spectral at a dealer win eye wuz in new york. There showroom wuz spectacklar and the amps still sounded like schitt (not byfrost, the other kind). 
Budget cable chaos??? Is River Cable the new star?
Sorry to break the news Jim but it's not "bollocks" that you need to match your cables to your system. Maybe you are the one that needs to "get real". 
Song With Best Beginning
My favorite is probably James Gang "Funk #49". 
Zappa's Uncle Meat vs. Uncle Meat.
Meat on meat, such a delectable treat. 
80s Metalheads...sleeper picks
Iron Maiden was mentioned in the second post Kenny. 
Counting Crows record prices
Supply and demand. 
What are these B&W speakers worth?
08-11-13: SchubertI'm not trying to be funny but, anything is worth what someone else will give you for it.Hammer,nail, head. 
what nos tubes for mystere ca21 preamp
It would help if you mentioned what type tubes it uses. 
Breaking in of CD player?
Don't stress out over this stuff, just play some tunes. 
Brian Wilson/Jeff Beck
As the O'Jays said, Money money money money, MONEY!!!!!