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Need your LP purchase assistance
Warren Haynes Band Man In MotionJoni Mitchell Court And SparkWayne Hancock Swing Time 
Whats the weirdest concert you ever attended?
Zamphir and Slim Whitman on a hit of windowpane !!!!!! 
Gene Simmons interview with Dan Rather
The man knows how to make money, that's for sure. 
what do members day dream of to Pink Floyd?
Which one's Pink? 
Some Musical Truths
No officer, I didn't sniff the cocaine to get high. I just liked the way it smelled. 
How do you respond to this question?
Because I want to. 
Interesting way to wire speakers…???
05-13-15: Zd542I agree. Silver would never tarnish. Silver will tarnish. 
A legend is gone...BB King has passed away
Rest in peace Brother King. 
The King is dead, Long Live the King
Rest in peace Brother King. 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Derek Trucks 
Your favorite LP nobody has ever heard of
Eric Quincy Tate Group***Drinking Man's Friend 
I Think I Will Build nCore Amps
Check out the numerous threads about ncore amps on the Audio Circle website. 
Most sophisticated and intelligent musician
Moby "thinks" he's sophisticated and intelligent. 
Anybody own Marantz sa-8001?
Mine is as quite as a mouse. 
Do you enjoy the sound at your local Theater Plex?