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When is it to hot to cut the grass?
I just cut my grass and let me tell you the truth, it's too freakin' hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Is it just me?
It's just part of the human psyche. Everything isn't always the same in one's mind. 
77- I had almost the same experience at a TE show earlier this year. They were actually taping the show for PBS. 
Music Sung with Passion
Sure, it happens all the time. 
speaker recommendations needed
If you like the Tylers, why not try some smaller ones? 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
Cadillac, Jack. 
Remember the year and first vynil you ever bought?
Meet The Beatles in 1964, I was 7 seven years old. 
When is it to hot to cut the grass?
Screw the grass, put on some Jerry Lee Lewis and rock out. 
I Need Help
07-07-13: RrogIf you think the bass is fine don't mess with it.Ditto. 
One artist, band, you keep coming back to
Elvis and Cash 
Best Rock Song Of ALL TIME?
Jail House Rock 
Wet speaker cables
06-29-13: Roxy54I feel bad for you, but I can't believe that you keep a system of that caliber in a basement that repeatedly floodsI was thinking the same thing. 
one last show
Elvis or Cash in 1957 of course.