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Refurbishing Avalon Ascent Mk 2
You could always reach out to Charlie.  
monitors to sub tuning, using high pass output on subwoofer back to amp?
If you don't high pass your small Dynaudios, you're missing out on the benefit of a sub.  Try it out with your favorite cables, and you'll see.   
SVS Speakers or Something Else? Absolutely Newbie.
If you can afford Vandersteen, then go for it.   If not, you would be well served by checking out Elac.  
Resale value
I do my best to buy once (and my track record is pretty good), so no...I don't consider it. 
Need help from Vandy 3A owners.....
Mine are less than a year old, and the number is in the 16,000s.  I got em' from Johnny Rutan; he is indeed the best. 
Is a Power Amp the Answer?
It looks like the Forcefield 3 accepts speaker level inputs and has a speaker level high pass output.  You can easily set up two subs by using the speaker level inputs.I note that the high pass for the mains and low pass for the sub use different ... 
Is a Power Amp the Answer?
You're welcome.  My point is that once you get this big issue solved (i.e., being able to play your system at the volume you want), you are going to start focusing on smaller issues.  Those issues will lead you on a quest toward better amps, sourc... 
What drugs do you use to enhance your listening experience?
None.  In fact I find that a glass or two of wine negatively affects my ability to appreciate my system. YMMV.   
Any Rotel love around here? Looking to power my Sonus Faber Olympica 3
Yeah, not much love for Rotel here. My default recommendation is Ayre, but I heard your exact speakers with McIntosh amps at Magnolia and quite liked the combo.  Very sweet sounding.   
Is a Power Amp the Answer?
It isn't your power amp, it is that you're asking too much from a pair of 6 inch drivers doing bass and midrange duty.  You need subs.  I suggest a pair of Vandersteens, but if you are brand loyal I'm sure Triton makes one.  Your dealer will let y... 
Now it's subs
How low do your monitors go?  IMHO, matching a sub works best if your mains can get down to 50hz or lower.That said, a few recent impressions:1. The JL Fathom with 10"driver--tight and fast; really quite good with music.  Didn't call attention to ... 
DAC specs versus sound quality potential
When it comes to DACs, it is all about implementation of a DAC chip in the overall design.  Some designers use only portions of the functionality available in a DAC chip, and design their own filters, oversamplers, etc. to achieve their design goa... 
Surprising Audio Quality
Agree with cleeds 100%.  I can't imagine what the bitrate is, but it has to be super low.   
Shopping for new speakers
Have you considered the Vandersteen VLR?  An under the radar option that would pair well with dual subs and truly excels at imaging. 
Shopping for new speakers
+1  Some of the Revelators have odd stuff going on 10 kHz+ that would probably require some advanced modeling to deal with....  Kudos on the project, though.  I have been wanting to try my hand at a DIY but have to convince myself that it will be ...