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Choosing Sub-woofers. Please advise ASAP.
Agree with mapman.   
Choosing Sub-woofers. Please advise ASAP.
The key is for a given output.  A cone can cycle at 40 hz, but the distance between stops (i.e. Where derivative is 0) will vary depending on the amplitude of the signal. A smaller cone has to travel further to move the same amount of air as a lar... 
Choosing Sub-woofers. Please advise ASAP.
Well, the frequency (i.e., the period between when the derivative is 0) won’t change based on driver size but cone velocity will, for a given output. A smaller cone moves less air and has to travel further between peaks for the same output as a la... 
Help, My Vandies Sizzle
Have you tried playing with the lean back angle of the speakers?  I have 3A Sigs and the stand they come with allows you to adjust the angle, and the manual includes recommendations based on listening distance and listening height.And, um, Krell s... 
Choosing Sub-woofers. Please advise ASAP.
Multiple subs tend to lead to more even bass. As for the 10 or the 12, that only you can decide after a good demo in your listening space. 
Phono Preamp with Optical/Coaxial Output
You're welcome.  You could always get a phono pre with a volume control and switch between the Azur and the phono pre.   Kind of a pain but it lets you keep your goods in the same place...When you go DAC shopping, make sure to listen to the Ayre C... 
Phono Preamp with Optical/Coaxial Output
Please don't do this.  It kinda defeats the point if you digitize your LPs.  Is the issue that you're out of analog inputs on your preamp?  If so, fumble with switching cables.  Or is the issue that you don't want to buy a traditional phono preamp... 
Ayre Codex - to keep or not to keep
I run the CODEX in balanced mode and it sounds amazing.   I'm with hgeifman--you will be better served by getting a fully balanced integrated than by dumping the CODEX. 
Killer Floor Standing Speakers under $4000 for Rock?
The Klipsch Palldium series would be a good fit for your needs. I have no affiliation with the listing.  I heard the bookshelf model in this range and they are *clear*.  https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-palladium-p37f-natural-2... 
Newbie looking for amplifier advice
I cannot comment on the Auralic.  It might be a great product but the Codex's filters (no pre ringing and minimal post ringing), output stage (Diamond output stage), zero feedback, and massive power supply give it incredible drive and clarity.  Ca... 
Newbie looking for amplifier advice
I run the Ayre CODEX and second ctsooner's recommendation that you seriously consider it; even though it would eat up a good part of your budget, it is that good.  I also second his endorsement of John Rutan; he's probably the best in the biz. 
How do I power my 800D(3)s
Classe certainly makes fine amps, but as noromance notes, you should have a dealer involved with setting up your speakers and demoing a range of appropriate amps *in your room.*  The one you like the best is the best amp for you.Given your mention... 
Refurbishing Avalon Ascent Mk 2
He posts here as charles_hansen.  Maybe try a pm? 
monitors to sub tuning, using high pass output on subwoofer back to amp?
Does the SVS have speaker level inputs and associated high pass output?Can you move your electronics closer to the sub? 
Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?
Can you cut out the back of the cabinet?  I hate to see someone choose such an important piece based on dimensions, but understand the WAF issue.  Good luck.  Oh, and an actual suggestion:  I keep hearing good things about the Belles Aria and from...