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Used Ayre amp market pricing
thanks for following up 
recommendations of phono preamps < $3000 range
I have the Ayre P5XE.  Love, love, love it.   
1st speaker considerations: Odyssey Lorelei, Meadowlark Shearwater, Spatial M3 Turbo S
Vandersteen sounds like a great choice for you; mgreen27 is on the money. 
Used Ayre amp market pricing
I think you mean the V-5xe. I don’t have an informed answer to your question, but I am looking for a VX-5 Twenty so if I see a regular VX-5, I’ll let you know and if you see a VX-5 Twenty maybe you’ll let me know. :) 
Recommend a SS amp for my new Vandersteen Quatro CT
Ayre or Aesthetix will bring you joy! 
Boulder monoblock 2150
Agree.  Anyone find interesting Boulder's comments about the use of feedback?  Anyone know what they are doing different such that they claim to avoid the alleged ills it causes? 
Boulder monoblock 2150
A dear friend has at least US$1MM invested in his wine cellar, never mind what he spent constructing the cellar itself.  A $100K amp for the equivalently wealthy audiophile...so what?  There are definitely many with the means, so if there is inter... 
Boulder monoblock 2150
Yes, the power requirements were interesting.  Then again, it is a 1000 watt amplifier that purports to operate in Class A.More interesting to me were the comments Boulder made about feedback.....and I assume they were referring to global feedback. 
CDP or DAC with high end volume control
Ok, Ayre QX-5 then!  :) 
CDP or DAC with high end volume control
Ayre CODEX.  
Ayre Codex - to keep or not to keep
Wow, you did it right!  Congrats! 
I have 3A Sigs and while I don't listen to large scale symphonic works, they excel with rock and jazz.  And anything with well recorded vocals.  You can see my system in the systems section. One thing I don't have listed is that I use Audioquest C... 
Class A/B Home THeater Receivers
Pretty sure all the Denon/Marantz, Anthem, Yamaha (Aventage, at least), and Onkyo are still Class A/B.  Let me know if you find out otherwise, but I thought it was mostly Pioneer who was heading Class D in HT receivers. 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
Two such options would be Pass or Ayre, but both are likely out of your price range. 
Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers
I demoed 1.7s at Audio Connection, where Johnny had them hooked up to NAD amps.  Don't remember the model number, but from my familiarity with the NAD range I was able to tell it was a bit older but was not one of the big boys (i.e., it was smalle...