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[help] I'm too Boomer to stream. :-(
I use the Google mesh system with my Vault 2 (no wireless) and it works fine.  Also very easy to configure with iPhone/iPad app. 
The Marantz is a badge-engineered Clearaudio. 
Which Brand 5.1 Receiver & Model for under $400 & speaker suggestions?
I second as a source and am partial to Marantz.The NR1608 or NR1609 should get the job done. 
Help !
I also think the Vault 2i is a great option.  I have a 2.Try selling your CDs here after you rip them.It would be really sweet if you could find someone local to you who could pick them up.Might make a new friend in the process.Best regards. 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
Welcome to the dark side.  ;~) 
Seeking tube 12AX7 recommendation for a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3
RCA or GE 3 mica blackplate 5751s from the mid 1950s. 
Let's roll: what pre-amp tubes should I consider next?
My favorite 12AX7 compatible tube is the 5751 triple mica black plate from the 1950s by RCA and GE, in that order.  There are several versions of these.  The older silver clip versions are the very best.Prices are all over the board on these.  I h... 
New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?
Never considered that.Try the speakers in a different system that is known to be functioning properly. 
New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?
Sounds like something is wrong with the speakers.  Contact Gallo support.  I bought a used pair of CL4s here and something behind one of the tweeters was loose.  I emailed them asking for the proper screw-head to remove the tweeter.  They had me ... 
Tube info
@mechans, my personal collection could easily be called obsession or even addiction.  From 2008 to 2010, I acquired over 1,500 tubes.  Fortunately, I regained control and am down to somewhere in the 275 range.  Still, entirely too many.The adrenal... 
Tube info
The Gold Lions are nice.I have quads of GE, RCA, and Ken-Rad domestic and 2 different styles of RFT Germany 12AU7s that are under your budget.I have some Sylvania and Raytheon pairs and trios, but no matched quads that would also be well below you... 
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Have you decided on power tubes?My experience is that they can make a bigger difference than the smaller tubes.  You can fine-tune your sound quality by mixing different qualities in the power tubes and the driver tubes.FULL DISCLOSURE:  I occasio... 
Tube info
What is your budget?The Amperex 7316 is my personal favorite, but pricey.I also like the RFT 12AU7.On the domestic side the black-plate 5814s are an excellent value. 
Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp With Burson Audio V6 Op Amps
I'll make you a silly-good deal on a pair of Burson V3s and some extensions if you are interested. 
Jolida JD9 Phono Preamp With Burson Audio V6 Op Amps
The extensions are cheap.  The op-amp modules are not. Perhaps you can figure out which pair is most critical and start with those.