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Preamp 6922 tube help
Not sure which Amperex you tried, but I found the early 60's 6922/7308 to be the best in my system.  Far superior to the later ones. 
Need advice about upgrading speakers ( it might be the last one i own).
Might the issue be further upstream? 
My first tube roll in a Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated
7316s are Amperex premium 12AU7s.  I have some labeled Mullard, but they were manufactured in the Amperex Herleen Holland factory.As good as these 70's Mullards are, most people think the early 60's versions are even better.On the more affordable ... 
Can I rig a home theater amp to run in wall speakers?
If the Sonance "speaker box" you refer to is their 260 x 3 amp, don't sell it short.  It will do fine with in-walls.Regarding the 3 unused channels, you may have to use some 1-into-2 rca splitter cables on the Marantz pre-outs.I currently have the... 
Tube integrated amp under $1000
GLOW may or may not be strong enough depending upon your listening configuration.  I have a lightly used one that you could get into for much less than $1K. 
Beautiful tubes make beautiful music .....
Sounds like you have it covered.  Now, enjoy the music.  Until the upgrade bug bites again. 
Beautiful tubes make beautiful music .....
Feel the power of the dark side!  ;~)I think you have upgraded with each swap.  I am a huge fan of the GE 3MBP 5751 tubes.  I like the RCA version just a little better.However, I think you can do better than the RCA clear tops.  They never did any... 
I've narrowed it down but...
I have been happily using the Marantz NR1501 since lightning took out my SR7000 several years ago.  This is an older version of the NR1605. 
Best Acoustic Carpet and Padding for music room?
Go to Lowe's or Home Depot. 
I've narrowed it down but...
I am personally a Marantz fan.Be sure to check for great deals.  I have purchased 2 receivers and a blu-ray player from them with perfect results. 
New Gallo Strada 2's - need surround advice.
I have A'Divas in the rear with my Reference A/Vs up front with no issues.  I don't see why the Micros wouldn't work as well.  The Dues would be an even better option.  I hope to upgrade at some point. 
Conrad Johnson CAV 50
It's a keeper.  You might need to re-tube. 
Tube options for Jolida
GE or RCA triple mica blackplate 5751 from the 1950s. 
Did you get your copy audio porn?
Did it come in a plain brown wrapper? 
Extracting Surround Sound from HDMI Signal....
If you figure that out, I'd like to know. I had to run the HDMIs through my Marantz receiver and then to the TV. Have to turn on the receiver to get any signal to the TV. My wife still screws up the remotes every now and then.