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Prilaluna Prologue Premium with KEF LS50
Maybe different and/or better tubes? 
It Was 40 Years Ago Today...
I still don't get Springsteen. Highly over-rated IMHO. 
primer on buying vintage tubes?
Welcome to the dark side. Choose wisely. ;~)There are some excellent new production tubes, particularly power tubes like Gold Lion and Valve Art. For smaller tubes like 6922 and all of the 12A*7 varieties, most people prefer older production.The u... 
best 12ax7 tube with jj el34l for Jadis Orchestra
I also have used 5751s in place of 12AX7s for years. The triple mica black plates from the 50s are the best. Don't buy the gray plates or the later two mica versions. My personal preference is RCA, then Sylvania, then GE. All are excellent IMHO. G... 
Great product support from Burson Audio
I also had a very positive experience with Burson several years ago when I was trying out their discrete op-amps. 1st class operation and people.Not to pile on, but I recently had a great service experience with Anthony Gallo speakers as well. 
Some Musical Truths
She's little in the middle, but she got much back. Sir Mixalot. 
MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?
Just trying to help a fellow tube junkie. ;~) 
MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?
Send me your address and I will mail you a tube. 
Electrical panel : Ground/Neutral bus bar question
I would never replace copper with aluminum. Aluminum is less conductive and tends to expand/shrink as it heats/cools from current. My previous home had aluminum wiring and it was a pain in the a$$. 
Electrical Ground to Water Pipe, No Earth Ground
Our previous home had the ground to a water pipe. We had a lightning strike hit the ground and cause a leak in the water line in the slab. Get somebody to ground you directly to earth with a copper rod. 
Amp frequency requirements for super tweeters?
I bought a nice pair of super-tweeters here that play from 20KHz to 40 KHz. Came with a test tone disk. I can hear up to the 12KHz tone, but nothing any higher. In other words, I hear nothing coming out of the super-tweeters. Getting older sucks. ;~( 
Super-sensitive volume controls - remedy?
I obviously don't know anything about this, so I am going to shut up now. I used the attenuators between both solid state and tube CDPs, and tube integrated amp with excellent results. Best of luck to the OP. 
Super-sensitive volume controls - remedy?
The Endler and EVS attenuators are basically additional volume controls. 
Super-sensitive volume controls - remedy?
I couldn't notice any difference. It is a just a resistor in the signal path. 
Super-sensitive volume controls - remedy?
If you are happy with everything else BUT the volume control, try some attenuators. I started with the Rothwells, then found some Endlers, and now I have EVS nudes. They all worked well. I just worked my way up the price ladder. My issue is that m...