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Am I going to blow the Gallo A'divas
Or the Dues. I have a pair of Dues that I used before I found the Ref AVs. Not sure if I should move them to the rear or sell them. I don't have 300 wpc, so A'Divas should be fine for my rears. 
Am I going to blow the Gallo A'divas
I think more speakers are blown by over-pushing lower powered amps than by clean higher power amps. I drove my A'Divas with a 100 watt Marantz receiver and the volume got louder than I could take before they showed any sign of failing. I just upgr... 
Gallo Strada Center or Ref AV Center
I haven't heard the Strada, but the Ref AV center is a beast, in the best sense of the word. I hunted for a Due center to match my left and right with no luck. Then I ran across a trio of Ref AVs here on Audiogon. They were more than I wanted to s... 
cd player suggestions
I am getting ready to post a Shanling CD-T100 with PCX/Underwood mods for sale, if that is of interest to you. 
Soliloquy replacement parts
Try contacting member underwoodwally. He helped with some a few years back. 
Removing tube from EE Minimax Dac
A socket with a tight grip is a good thing. Let your mind wander. ;~) 
ShengYa CD-10
Definitely try some better tubes before making a final judgement. Anything from the Amperex family should be better than the EHs. I prefer early 1960s 7308s, but the 6922s, and even 6DJ8s should be fine.Disclaimer: I buy and sell tubes. 
small speaker for office
I also use the ERA D4s in my office. I have gone through several amps, but the ERAs are keepers. 
Can the output of an ARC PH-7 be turned down?
I had similar issues with the inputs on my Onix SP3 integrated. I have switched from 12AX7 to 5751 AND used attenuators.Changing from 12AX7 to 5751 might reduce your maximum output by 30%, but it will have a much smaller difference in your normal ... 
Adding Placette for finer volume adjustment?
Did you try the Endler or EVS attenuators? I started with the fixed goldenjacks and they helped. You basically get 2 volume controls when you add the adjustable attenuators. I don't need the Endlers since I got the EVS. Send me a message if you ar... 
Rogue amps-- try 5751 instead of 12ax7
The 5751 is a well-known sub for the 12AX7 that works in MOST circuits. My experience is that the 3 mica black plate versions are the best of the bunch. My favorites are the early RCAs and GEs that have silver clips (looks kind of like braces) on ... 
Power cord for low-watt tube amp?
I would suggest an affordable option like the Pangea from or Signal Cable from IF you feel the need to upgrade. I use all Signal Cable in my system. 
Starting Out in PC Audio is a great resource.I think they recommend J River as the best Windows player right now. 
Small bottom to mid level home theatre
Try some of the Gallo on-walls with a good sub. 
Arc-PH-5 what tubes should I use
You can get a quad of Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s for under $100 that will crush any current production tubes.