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CD Burner / The Best
I have to agree with all of the above posts. I own 2 HPs and think they are great. I have also read positive reviews on Plextor and the new TDK VeloCD drives These will be faster than HP, but also more expensive. 
Speaker Suggestions?/Advice Needed.
Look at Soliloquy 6.3s from Underwoodwally here on Audiogon. I am still breaking my pair in, but they sound great and they are at the bottom end of your price range. 
In Wall surround speakers
Check out Sonance. Not sure if they have the dimensions you are looking for, but I was impressed with sound. Website is I can refer you to an outstanding dealer I met here on Audiogon if you are interested. Good luck with the wife. 
Best 5 channel amp under $1000??
Marantz MM-9000 for about $700 new.