Zu tone or Druid or which Omega ?

Which single-driver speaker would have best synergy with 8 watt 300B amp for my 11x16x8 ceiling room? Would it be Zu tone or Druid? or which Omega model may be a better match? I listen to vocals and jazz, and enjoy warm midrange.
If your budget allows you to purchase the Druid, I wouldn't think about anything else.
Hi Luvmusic8,

Haven't heard the Omega, but I own the Zu Tone and have heard the Druid. Both have the warm midrange you're looking for in spades. Between the two, it comes down to the amount of bass you're comfortable with (with the Druid obviously giving you more). Eight 300B watts should be more than plenty for either to fill your space.

Let us know which way you go.

Merry Christmas,
Druid is about 6 db more efficient than the Tone. As Garry indicated, that probably won't be an issue but I thought you might want to know.
Do not purchase the Druid without hearing it first. You may love it. You may not. I have heard it five times in different rooms with different gear. Sometimes it sounded good and sometimes it did NOT.
Should consider a PHY driver in open baffle,or a PHY based speaker.
Probably nothing better suited to what you are looking for.
And it would have bass along with spectacular midrange.
You certainly do not have to worry about purchasing before listening with ZuAudio. They have a 60, yep, 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. Can't beat that with a stick. Being a Zu owner, I have followed all the Zu threads. I have found, however, that the Druids seems to be the most problematic speakers of the Zu line (in the way of sound, not quality) and very inconsistant as far as audiphool accolades. They may not be your cup of tea, but there is no risk. I own the Definition 1.5s. While a totally differenct speaker, this past year (other than my Maggie days, back in the 70s) has been the most fun I've had from a rig. The Druids, form what I have heard, are more room dependent than the Defs. I don't know what the scoop is on the Tones. Zu coupled with tubes (you're there already can be wondrous. Good luck...
You didn't mention budget but, I would nominate any of the Omegas as a candidate for great value speaker of the year.
i have to ask...what speakers are you using now? i've ways found it best to let your speakers dictate your other components, since they and your room will have the biggest contribution (by far) to what you hear.
Macrojack, I don't know about the 6db difference in sensitivity. 8 watts and 6db difference? I don't think so..IMHO...
Based on what I've heard, I wouldn't expect Druids to perform optimally at 8WPC. Definitions yes but not Druids.

I'll have a pair of Druids some time in January and intend to experiment with a number of amps. Perhaps my opinion will change.
I don't know about the 6db difference in sensitivity. 8 watts and 6db difference? I don't think so..IMHO...

That would really depend upon where those 6 watts took the efficiency down to. In the case of the Druid/Tone comparison, I'd agree, going from 101db efficiency, to 97db will not make too much of a difference listening in a room that size. If that difference were perhaps 94db vs 88 db it would make all the difference in the world for an 8 watt amplifier.

Have you listened to single driver speakers before? Yes, the Druids/Tones are not technically single drivers but they share far more in common with SDs than conventional speakers.

I'm sold on the Zu concept and have owned three of their models. I haven't heard Omega but I firmly believe in Louis and his work, as I've read probably a hundred posts at AC from deliriously happy owners.

Sound-wise, the Druid is undoubtedly the biggest speaker of the bunch. Tonally, it is quite even and I found it fairly insensitive to placement. It is definitely voiced toward the warmer side, which might be good or maybe not, depending on the 300B amp. Some 300Bs can be a bit syrupy and slower sounding, which could make for an overly idealized sound without proper incisiveness and jump factor. Druid bass is very fast, tuneful, and integrated with the rest of the speaker. If you get these, pay special attention to the floor gap at the bottom. If using a carpeted floor, create a hard surface to set the speakers on. Then, tune the floor gap accordingly. Never place Druids directly on a carpeted floor.

I haven't heard the Tones, but I know at least one person on the 'Gon had to use digital EQ to get the frequency balance where he wanted it. The sound had an overactive presence band for his taste. I don't remember what amp he was using with it, but amp/speaker matching gets Really Important with edgy single drivers. Again, I can't say whether the Tones are edgy, but this complaint parallels many regarding this type of speaker. If there is an issue here, I would think a 300B amp would be an excellent partner.

My opinion is the supertweeters on either of the Zu speakers will give you better treble extension than any of the Omegas. That said, I haven't heard anybody complain about the Omega treble and many have said they're not missing anything higher up.

Of the Omegas, they're all great. I like bass and I definitely would be looking to the biggest models Louis makes. His bigger speakers use 1 of 2 - 8", wide-range drivers. One is a hemp driver with a whizzer cone that he has personally developed with a driver manufacturer specifically for his purposes. The other is the Visaton B200 from Germany, another hemp driver that has gotten ungodly press over at AC. Do a search and prepare to hunker down.

Of these drivers, the hemp driver is reported to be more relaxed and the B200 more lit up. Think 2A3 or 300B SET vs. a 45. Personally, I would look at it as yin/yang. If you think your amp tends toward mellowness, choose the jumpier speaker, if the amp needs some taming, go the other direction.

I really like tube amps and single drivers. I think you're on the right path and there are probably no bad choices. You may look for something used to try, knowing you don't have much to lose in the deal. And, Zu's 60 day trial period can be extended to 90 days if for some reason you just can't decide.
Sorry,guys but PHy smokes 'em all.Only thing better is Feild Coil.
Zu and Omega?Not even close,at least if reproducing acoustic instruments and the human voice naturally is what you are after.
If you want Rave speakers,then go with Zu.
Warrenh wrote that Druid is room dependent. Would it overwhelm my small room of 11 x 16 x 8 ft high? Thanks.
Lumusic, you won't have a problem with the Druids in that space. Now, if you had 12 foot ceilings and your....you know what I'm saying. The Druids will have no problem filling up those cubic feet of crib...as long as you're not a rocker, or like your music VERY loud. Yep, there's always an "as long as" or "but" or "however" BUT ain't that the nature of this audiophoolish beast. peace, warren
My 2nd system listening room dimensions are about the same as yours, as are my listening tastes - - although I do listen to a fair bit of classical (chamber) music as well. I've owned a pair of Omega Hemptones for well over a year now and *love* them (in fact, they're the first production pair sold by Louis O. - ordered in 4/05 and delivered in 8/05). They're powered by an Eastern Electric M520 Integrated and sound abso-friggin'-lutely wonderful. They do require a long break-in period, however - - about 100 hours to sound "pretty good" - - but after 200 hours they become sublime.
. . . If you want Rave speakers,then go with Zu. . .

Zu has used their speakers in a club environment, but don't be fooled that these are rave speakers. They are harmonically dense, very dynamic, and unfatiguing.

They are absolutely designed for small amplifiers in mind. I have used Druids to great effect with 6-watt battery-powered Tripath amps and currently use Definition Pros with 2 watts of 45 SET power.

They can play loudly if need be, but they most certainly are NOT one-trick ponies. Anyone with first hand experience would agree.
Rave speaker? Just because Zu does one thing better than anyone else, you should not assume that it can do nothing else well. The Druid is one of the finest all around speakers anywhere near its price. Every time a member comes on here with a sincere question about Zu, they are treated to a series of misinformed proclamations. This may happen with other products about which I am not so well informed but I am amazed at the nonsense (usually rumor) that is offered up as fact about Zu. Trust the people who have owned them above everyone else.
Rave speaker?

"Little things that you say and do, make me want to be with you............I know it's got me reelin' I'm so glad that you're revealin'................."

"Rave On"
Buddy Holly
Apparently Buddy could see this day coming when he sang, That'll be the Day"...........
What is meant by a rave speaker? I think of raves as being loud electronica with deep deep bass.
what speakers zu you now have? whats missing in zur presentation, if anything?
The implication would be that these are "professional use" speakers that should be carpeted on the outside to prevent scuffing when treated like luggage and don't wake up without 1,000 watt amps and below 100 db. The comment was simply thoughtless and baseless.
To promote their speakers Zu through a Rave featuring their speakers,with DJ's and the whole bit.You don't know about it,because nobody showed up.
It was in LA,I believe.
If the Zu boys think their speakers are perfect for a rave,then I agree with them.
Thanks to everyone who weighed in with your varied views. I bought Druid based on Zu's 60 day trial. I will soon understand why Druid evokes passion or disdain.

Now I need your guidance on which specific 300B amp model you know of that would have best synergy with Druid in my 11x16 room. I listen to jazz, vocals and acoustic instruments, and like warm lush magical midrange. Or perhaps even 2A3 or 45 amp? I prefer amp directly connected to CD player, without a preamp

I will move this thread to Amp or SET where it belongs.
still curious what you are using now?

You may not think of electronica as music, but there are folks in music who believe that to recreate this type of music is more difficult than large scale classical. I tend to agree. For instance, your orchestra only recreates what, 50 instruments? There are an infinite amount of instruments in house music on a true full range basis.

Zu had the balls to do something different compared to your aged, boring, and dead typical audiophile stuff. Just look at cd sales of classical and enough said.

I commend them for that---and as a young audiophile, it was refreshing to see. And as i was at the HE show, enough of the drub Krall, Norah, and other musical innuendos people seem so impressed with.

Last mistaken poster I will respond to on this thread.
One of my favourite artists is Bjork.
Really like Portishead,too.
Electronica is not a bunch of instruments.It is synthesised sound.Sometimes very interesting sound,usually not.
I don't cotton to classical,either.I like the Archies,e.g.As a young audiophile,you can check them out on cartoon network if you are curious.
When the poster asked about high- eff speakers with warm mids to mate with 300b for female vocals and acoustic music,I had to speak up.
I know just a little something about that and my assertion still stands.
Probably NOTHING better than a PHY.
I have been using low eff B&W with hi-power ss amp.
I am moving to hi eff single driver speaker with low watt SET amp. Seeking warm lush magic midrange and occasional sweet female vocal. Hope to find that with Druid and matching 300B.