Your music system is an instrument.

Your music system is a musical instrument. How would you treat a musical instrument? You would try to make it sound as good as possible, wouldn't you? I suggest one of the ways has to do with volume. Can we suggest other ways?
Your music system is a musical instrument.
No more than my Sonicare is a butt plug. Now, move along...
Thanks Boa2, as a Sonicare owner/user, you made my day ;--) I just wish you were here to clean up the coffee I sprayed all over my keyboard!
that would make you the musician and oddly enough the musicians on the album, the consumers......are you high?
a stereo system is a collection of imperfect components.

it is nothing like an instrument.
Sonicare as a butt plug...

Hmmm...the mind reels at the multi-tasking possiblities.
Let me dip it all in a vat of varnish...I'll get back to you.
Which end Boa?
Which end Boa?
Depends on whether it's pleasure or maintenance. Sonicare is a butt plug.

Slap that puppy on a wooden base and you've got yourself a vibrating Perch™! I think we'll have ourselves a new and imroved version! I'll need to do some R&D, but I like the way you think, Howard. We'll talk about your royalties once the product is released. Any ideas for a new name? How about "Anal-B"?!

Perhaps the Sonicare Chute Brush ?
Any ideas for a new name? How about "Anal-B"?!
That killed me, Marco!

Here's another for the suggestion box: Colonicare.

Thanks for the tip :)
Gives a whole new meaning to the "Reach" brand name.
LMAO. I really needed that. It has been a tough week here in ol' New England. Thanks, guys. You are the best.
Man, didn't have a clue what anyone was talking about until I Googled "Sonicare." Marco you're a pisser... :)
Son, you can park your tugboat in the harbor, but make way for daddy's ocean-liner !
Musical boxes have been made for centuries, this is just the latest version of those earlier incarnations.
My stereo sounds "mint" but now my Sonicare tastes like crap..... thanks Boa.
but now my Sonicare tastes like crap

Wrong end in the wrong hole. If you only have one Sonicare to do double duty, I'd suggest marking the two ends with different colored tape to give you a quick visual reference. Of course if you don't wash the thing after you use it, you might already have such a reference. Look what Brown can do for you now!

Ahhhh, thats the reason why stomach backfires have a certain 'minty' kind of odour...........
I hope no offense is offered here. I understand that some subleties are done here. I do wish that we(I have graduted from Nuclear Power School, among other other things). can get shit right. I couldn't get a comma here. I do want to challenge you all, though. You guys think you are esoteric. I can nail you in this area. How about we try to get the most musical sound possible? Is this too hard for you? It ain't for me.
Tune it with vibration/isolation control products. Choose your weapon: Brass cones, rollerbearings, sorbothane, platforms, squishy balls, hard balls. All of them effectively tune a system. It's up to each individual to tune his/her system to personal taste.

I use a combo of Rollerballs, Sorbothane footers and a Neuance platform. I'll likely add a second Neuance platform in the months to come.
Can I say, please listen to TVAD? He has helped me immeasurably, as far as power cords go.
This could have been an interesting thread if it would go the way it suppose to. Now it just too interesting for me to spoil it.
But I can’t resist. Here is how I treat my musical instruments. I start with chemical bath. That’s for the instrument, not for me. Of course you can have one too, start with your ears and then you know where, just follow recommendations for Sonicare. Here is the link for the rest of procedure.
I hope someone could benefit from this process:-)
Nuclear Power School? Is that really relevant? If so, please allow me to mention my advanced Political Science studies :)
Oh yea ??

Well, have you ever heard of Albert Einstein?? I have the same first name as him, and he was really smart.

Ever heard of Porter House steak? Well, I have the same name (NO, not steak).
I weren't learnt up too good...

But I was a ride operator on the Flying Bobs.