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Ported versus sealed speakers: is one type better?
I don't even consider ported speakers, although maybe a speaker with a passive radiator, I wouldn't automatically disqualify. 
Best debut album
I forgot King Crimson's "In the Court of the Crimson King". 
Best debut album
I agree with Zeppelin and Doors. 
Best debut album
Quicksilver Messenger Service. 
Best debut album
Boz Scaggs.  It has Duane Allman on guitar in "Loan me a Dime". 
I'd like to hear recommendations for Turntables under $5,000
I don't think you can avoid listening to the new Technics 1200(both of them), before you decide on a turntable.  Just on YouTube, I found its presentation to be a viable alternative to other presentations(from other turntables). And I am someone w... 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
I agree with perkri.  What you will learn about setup will be necessary for your next turntable, if you decide to go that way.  I really enjoyed listening to what each parameter does(VTA, anti-skate, cartridge alignment, VTF,etc.) 
Digital vs Vinyl: The winner is ??
See what I have to say about it on comments to that video. 
TECHNICS 100th Anniversary 2018 Premium Turntables. Their best ever.
Moonglum, I believe the YouTube video of vocals shows the Caliburn to flesh out the song more than the Technics 1200G. 
Looking for the best moving coil cart that is around $5K used
Papafrgog, I wouldn't worry so much about what others here say regarding your Linn.  First, I got to hear needledrops on PinkFish Media that, to me, showed me that a Linn Lp12 was the best of the bunch, which included an SME and the old Technics d... 
Looking for the best moving coil cart that is around $5K used
I agree with tooblue.  Although the rewards might not come immediately, and it may require work on your part, I believe $5,000 is too much to spend on a cartridge, when your turntable seems to be a limiting factor(I have to admit to not being a fa... 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
I'm not talking intellectual(i.e. using your mind to come to a conclusion), and I'm also not in the market, so it's a less important subject to me compared to others.  What I am talking about is listening to the RP8 and the RP6 on YouTube.  In tha... 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
Avanti, I don't think the RP6 is in the same league as their RP8. 
Rega RP8 or Technics SL1200G
I just listened to Fremer's Coliburn versus the new Technics direct-drive.  It was hard(I might have even gotten them mixed up.) to hear a difference.  I heard it on YouTube, but I would still advise listening in person.  The areas that might diff... 
Technics 1200g vs Rega rp8, VPI aries, avenger, Basis 2000, Linn LP12 etc. Can it compete?
As far as the LP12 goes(which I own), there is no question in my mind that the newest, maxed-out one has a much more silent background than the AC motor ones.  I'm unsure if the tune(Linn's basis for audio equipment judging, which actually means w...