Would Oppo 105D be good for "recording" process?

I dont have a Blu-Ray player yet. Some great Opera and Symphonic are coming on Blu-Ray and I recently bought an upper end Pioneer plasma, so I want to buy a player.
I also want to record CD's,DVD's and Blu-Rays from the library-it seems it will be to my computer.
Is the overall quality of the 105D such that I will get at least as good sound and picture as I do from my Lexicon RT20 which (with Equitech balanced transformer isolation and a Sound Application conditioner) provides very satisfying sound through my Spectral, MIT ref system? I am thinking that since I need a separate/new DAC for my recordings from my computer, and I need a BLU-Ray this may be a worthwhile investment. I am always budget/value concious but don't want to have sound or picture level compromised in any meaningful way.
One thing I learned about my 105 (not 105D). Previous CD players I've owned -- all of them -- would automatically put a track marker on CDRs recorded via my Tascam CD-RW700 so that you didn't end up with one continuous track. The Oppo won't do this, and I have earlier Oppos that wouldn't do it either. Oppo admits this, doesn't think it's important. It may be something to consider.
Very interesting thanks. I will keep it in mind as I learn more about recording again.
You can rip these type of formats also. I've never had an interest in doing this myself, so I can't claim to have experience with the process, and what the results will be. I suspect they would be similar to ripping a CD. If you want to get started without investing any money, you can download a free program called Handbrake. I know its one of the more popular applications to rip these formats. It works on Mac, Linux and Windows.
Thanks ZD. I'll look into and report.
One of the best, and easiest to use, programs is called DVDFab. It's not free, but it is very good...
Thanks Wainright. Looking it up.
Hello RI. I noticed the audio nitrate on the latest version is only 320/384 (per the company update on the forum). I'm hoping for bit perfect transfer. What are the "best" systems you know of?