Worried about my Sony SCD-1

I've read posts about the Sony SCD777ES having problems. I know that the SCD-1 is very similar to the SCD777es. Does anybody also have any problem with the SCD-1? I have mine for 3 years now but never have a problem with it. I'm worried since I bought it used so there is no warranty for it. I appreciate any input from other SCD-1 owners regarding it's reliability.
I have postd about my 777 problems and it was covered since I bought it new. The sled moter repair is not that expensive probably areound $400 so I would not sell it unless you find something better in the price range you prefer.
I have the 777 and no problems. And hey, it's a Sony!
The bigger worry with any high end equipment is not if
it breaks but rather WILL the company be in business when
you need them to fix it! Joe
My SCD-1 is less than a year old with no prblems to speak of. However, I would not expect any given its age.

One year old and still going strong.
Two years old and no problem except for adjustment when I first got it. Love it.
2 year old SCD-1, never once had a problem.
I got my SCD-1 in early 2000, and it stopped playing in less than a year. I took it into Sony service, and they fixed it under warranty. They said one of the little servo motors was replaced, don't remember which one any more. Sounded like it might have cost $100-$200 without the warranty. Before it broke, I would leave it on Pause when not listening, and this may have kept one of the motors running continuously. Now, I hit the stop button when I don't want to listen any more. No problems since then. I remember seeing posts on Audiogon complaining about SCD-1 failures; suggest you do a search in the archives. Good luck.