WireWorld Chroma ethernet cable

Dear All I am planning to change a generic cord to the Wireworld chroma ethernet cord from the router to the Sreamer Lumin U2 mini what should I expect and what are your experience if anyone has used one 

thank you


I'd go for the Starlight 8, the red one.

It's truly an excellent cable and although more expensive it'll give you at least 80% SQ of the Platinum 8.

If you believe in all the marketing hype around WireWorld cables then try one…I tried Starlight 8 Twinax Ethernet Cable in my system. And it was an absolute crap (sorry). IMO, there are much better cables available now that excels in sound and build quality over some of these over-hyped branded cables like Chroma or Starlight 8. Try this cable before you spend money on any other brand,



I just replaced the bog stock cable with a Pangea Audio premier se ethernet cable and it was well worth it! I  can't compare with others but for 150 bucks a 4 meter length I'd say it was the best bang for buck I've experienced. Was the last cable to be upgraded and wasn't expecting much, pleasantly surprised. 


you mentioned this cable to try did you try this cable if you did what was your opinion and have you compared it to any other cable and which one.


Hello @audphile1 ,  I am considering upgrading my 15m run of Supra Cat 8.

Do you still recommend the Purist?  Is there a better place to get it than the Cable Co.?  Definitely better than the Starlight 8?  I have read avoid the flat cables...

I use Wireworld’s Starlight 8 between my 24-port Luxul AV switch and my Lumin T2. That comination works well for me. Then I use Kimber Kable Silver Streak analog cables between the T2 and my Theta Digital Casablanca V preamp/ processor. I am very content with Wireworld Ethernet .