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Mcintosh C-12000
That has to be an absolutely perfect combination. What speakers?  
I’m about to push the button to get 2 SVS 3000 micros to add to ATC SCM40s.
I have two 3000 Micros which I use in my Home Theater II (in I, I have two SB1600 Ultras). They are limited in the lower bass (below 32Hz) region, but they do punch above their weight class (i.e., for 8" cones). One BIG advantage they have is due ... 
Magico vs the world
I have never heard a loudspeaker. What I have heard is loudspeakers as a vital component of a system. Over the past few years, I have heard two systems that stood out. One had Sonus Faber Aria IIs with top-tier Audio Research amplification and dCS... 
Rockport Atria II or Magico A5
I read every one of the above posts with intense interest.  What becomes obvious after reading them all is that the extraordinary differences in opinion (e.g., "wonderful imaging" / "terrible imaging") about both speakers is that the speaker is on... 
SVS SB16 Ultra Sub good for Hifi?
To answer your specific question, yes. I have two SB16s in my system, with the crossover to my main speakers set at 50Hz. I have a fairly high end system and am quite satisfied with the bass extension provided by my subwoofers.   
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I listened to the Krell 300i integrated amplifier at AXPONA this weekend. At $9500 (including the optional DAC module).  It is truly an outstanding product and a real value fo a high end component.   
Searching for an amp to pair with Rockport Atria II
I suggest you consider dual mono amps for your Rockports. I heard McIntosh MC 611s with both Magico A5s and RockPort Atria IIs. The match with the Atria IIs was just outstanding in every regard. I already have now purchased the 611s and likely wil... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
@rman9 May I ask what speakers and speaker cables did you use with the MC462 and did you keep them when you swapped in the M10X?   
Disappointing On Mcintosh......help
I am fortunate to have a very good system.  For the Wicked Games test, I used a Lumin T2 streamer/DAC, Kimber Kable Silver Streak to a Theta Casablanca V preamp/processor, Wireworld Equinox 8 interconnects to the two McIntosh MC 611 power amps, Wi... 
Disappointing On Mcintosh......help
I decided to refresh this discussion, but not because I relish rabble-rousing.  This past weekend, I replaced my well-regarded stereo power amplifier with a pair of McIntosh MC 611 monaural power amplifiers.  While I get a kick out of those large ... 
Dunlavy SC IV Speaker- Any Good???
I owned a pair of SC-IVs for almost five years before replacing them with Revel Ultima Studios.  At the time, the swap was driven mainly by a complete speaker “solution” offered by Revel, as I was converting a listening room into a home theater. S... 
PS Audio Stellar Phono
I received my Stellar Phono Preamplifier last Friday and hooked it up over the weekend.  The other components of consequence in my systems are a SOTA Sapphire turntable, a Premier FT-3 arm, a Hana SL low output cartridge, MIT phono cable, and Wire... 
McIntosh- Sweetest, Smoothest sounding Solid State ?
This is only slightly off topic, but what sonic coloration does an autotransformer impose on a McIntosh power amplifier? 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
My newest amp is 21 years old this year: a Krell FBP 200c. Older is my Eagle 2A; my oldest at 46 years is my perfectly functioning SAE MkIV DM, which powers my secondary system (also with an Audio Research SP-9B preamp) that has a played several t... 
Black Cat power cables
Are you considering any U.S. brands also, or is Black Cat your chosen “cat’s meow”?  Both a cute — and serious — question.