Will Old MAC outperform Cambridge 640 Azur V2?

I have wanted to integrate some McIntosh components into my system for a while now, on a budget. I have grown up on Mac stuff and remember the sweet sound of that gear from when I was 5 years old. The items I am looking at are the 7100(not that old), 122(not that old), and the 2105(oldest) for a power section. I was planning on using my Cambridge 640 as a pre until I get my hands on a C15 McIntosh pre. Other preamps I am considering are the c28 or a c3x of some sort. My only other alternative would be a mac integrated like the 6300. My budget, about 2 grand, and I am going to purchase used components.

Now I am truly curious if these lower level Macs will out perform my Cambridge 640 and truly deliver the mac sound? Or will I have move further up the line to truly get the mac sound? What do you guys think?

Oh yeah: As for the loud speakers. I am hoping to match the mac components with a pair of totem hawks or possibly Forests.
Older Mac gear is very colored in comparison.
you'll be happier with the mac.
Try to hear the Mac in your system or a similar system before you buy. But if you really like the Mac sound then go with Mac, don't worry about other components. The beginning and end of wisdom in audio is to learn what sound WE prefer and to stick to it and not obsess about all the other possibilities out there. That way lies madness and financial ruin.
The 2105 is a hell of an amp that has slain a few giants around my house. I still love it.
Try it and post what happens,obviously you know newer doesn't mean better,that's just the crap pushed down our throats,it would be nice to read about your findings.
Yes if serviced. Despite the stabile nature of Mac it is wise to have it cleaned up and checked by MC. Yes they have the XX year old parts but it is an expensive refurb.
The cambridge would be a great pre for a mac amp.
Personally, I like mac solid state better than mac tubes. The mac tube gear can be too "colored".
Like Pescolar says, it doesn't feel the same to own a Cambridge, and that counts for something over time.
I don't know what you mean?
The old Mac will sound better this year, next year and in 20 years. In 20 years the Cambridge will be in the landfill. Most likely under many layers of like material.
lol, that is true. It is not really longevity I am after, I was hoping for some advice and it seems pretty clear from what you guys are saying. I will try to set up an audition and I will definitely post my results.
i want to revive this thread. I'm in this very same situtation.

Currently have a marantz 2215, definately want to upgrade.

Looking at the Cambridge 550a integrated w/ the Cambridge 640P or 540P phonp pre's. Also, looking at a McIntosh MC2505 and a C26.

The Cambridge audio is brand spanking new, and likely wouldnt need any attention other than burn-in and is covered by warranty--but it lacks the over all sex-appeal and would probably be something I look to upgrade after a few years.

The MC stuff would be more expensive, and likely require some servicing, and theres always a risk with buying vintage gear, but I would be less likely to upgrade this anytime soon.

Really stuck here. Does classic always conquer new? Or is there something to be said for the 'assumed' reliability of a new product? Also, sub-points, I'm budget consious at 26 years young and primarily listen to vinyl.
Buy used, good products a generation or two old fall drastically in price and are unlikely to need service.

The Cambridge is long gone, sold! However I strongly advise this amplifier as a good first amp. Dollar for dollar it is hard to beat it, I have seen them on the used market for $300. It is difficult to find another comparable amp for this price. I recommend it!!!