Cambridge CXR200 vs Anthem MRX720

Anybody able to compare the audio quality and character of the Cambridge CXR200 vs the Anthem MRX720? I don't live in an area where I can demo either but am interested in upgrading an old Pioneer receiver (old enough that it doesn't have HDMI) for a 5.1 setup in a living room. It will be used probably 85% for TV/movies & 15% for stereo via streaming, CDs, and a VPI Nomad turntable.

Speakers are B&W 685s2s for LR and in-wall B&Ws for the center and surrounds. SVS SB2000 sub.

The room is far from sonically optimized with a large opening to another room and one wall being mostly floor to ceiling windows, so I'm thinking ARC might make the Anthem a better option. I can't ignore how glowing the reviews of the Cambridge sound is for a receiver with so few bells & the idea of an all British system (except the sub) just seems to make sense for admittedly no justifiable reason at all. Won't be able to add Atmos anytime soon so it's not an advantage for me. Any comparison of the ease of using the built in streaming functions/apps/etc for the family would be an added plus though. Thanks!

I realize that a dedicated stereo would give better sound quality but I want the best single box solution to keep the setup as simple as possible for the wife and dedicated stereo is in another room anyway for when I really want to enjoy music.

Though I have never personally heard either AVRs, I do have experience with both brands.  Both of these units have gotten pretty stellar reviews(I know subjective) but I would give the edge to the Anthem solely because of their ARC room setup/EQ.

We sell both brands here is the skinny between them;

The Cambride CX 200 has an unbelieveable amp stage  sonically it is clearer and more dynamic then the Anthem. The punch bass control and overall clarity is extremely impressive. 

This receiver was originally $3300 at its current price of $2k it is a steal it does not do Atmos and HDR is a promised software update.

Anthem Room correction is superb, amps are very good, not quite a snappy.

So the way I would put it would be Cambridge if you are looking for a fantastic piece for music, it is $500 less expensive, no Atmos, no HDR, good streaming app as well although more limited to Spotify connect

Anthem fantastic room correction part of an entire DTS Playfi echo syhstem, ATMOS, HDR

Again we sell both brands as as well as Pioneer Elite, Audio Control and NAD, so if you have more questions please feel free to contact us.

Dave owner,
Audio Doctor NJ

As a dealer for both brands, I'm interested if you might have insight into the recent price drop for the Cambridge. Were the CXR's simply not selling at the original price or does it represent the imminent arrival of new receiver models for Cambridge (which might include HDR, Atmos, &/or room correction)? Have there been large price reductions with previous models prior to the announcement of their replacements? 

Have you or your customers had any reliability issues with either product? Also, how would you compare the NAD 787? I've heard NAD is beloved by many and I love the modular design for improved "future-proofing" but have also heard their products have a reputation of being somewhat glitchy/unreliable. Currently have no need for 4K or Atmos in the room of intended use, but it looks like DiracLive will be available with NAD soon and that is something I might appreciate.

Definitely leaning towards Cambridge, but having never had room correction I'm not sure what I'm missing out on in foregoing that feature.
Dear Ethos, those are all great questions.

The Cambridge receiver has been lowered to spur sales, as this unit does not have Atmos nor HDR yet, I think the management of Cambridge felt that lowering the price would make the CX 200 go from a good deal for the superb sound quality to a must buy at that price.

I talked with managment and they said that an HDR software upgrade is in the works, but who knows with these companies.

One great review of the CX 200 from I think Home Theater magazine said it is the best sounding receiver under $5k. we concur only the Arcam or the Audio Control with Dirac are a match for this piece and those products are $3,400.00 and $4k.

Personally I feel that Atmos is a sillyfeature that most people don’t have the extra money or space for the extra speakers.

The Cambridge sounds better than the 787 we had all three in our showroom you might be able to see that shot in our

NAD T787 on the top, CX 200 next shelf and we had the Primare SPA 22 in that shot, we must have sold our demo Anthem 720 which was usually in that room.

Our current rack we have the CX 200, Audio Control Maestro M9, and the NAD T758 with the Anthem AVM 60

The NAD has great punch but isn’t as clean sounding, the NAD has a warm, punchy sound, the Cambridge wide deep soundstage, great clarity.

Room correction is a nice feature that can improve the theater experience but to me it is not a make or break issue.

You should give us a ring I am sure we can assist you in determining the pros and cons of all of these models and considering we sell Arcam/Audio Control, NAD, Cambridge, Pioneer Elite and Anthem I think we are in a great position to field any questions.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ

Hi, I know this is a old thread but any chance of getting an opinion comparing the Primare Spa22 with the Cambridge Cxr200 in overall sound, vision and quality. 
I'm asking because my Spa22 with the upgraded HD boards went bang last night and did some damaged to the psu, so I'm thinking instead of getting it fixed right away just buy a new unit as the repairs are not going to be cheap. I've come across an okay deal on a cxr200 and the reviews sound pretty good.