Why flag a post?

Just interested, being here on the forums for almost twenty years I have never flagged a post. The function must be there for a reason though. We are all different. Are some just more easily offended, or more sensitive to the, at times, course ebb and flow of the forums?
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My main reason would be for the obvious spam and junk posts that were occurring a few months ago and were just clogging the forums.

It does appear Agon has fixed that but at that time whenever I saw any I flagged them to bring to attention of the mods so they could clean up in aisle 5!

Yes, those spamming efforts were tiresome but I, too, flagged as many as I could.

As for the censorship that comes from thin skinned folk who like to dish it out but can't take it, I think the answer's in the beginning of this sentence. 👍

My only addendum to that would be the unwarranted piling on of some members who promote a certain product that those others can't, and won't, tolerate, but, that's just another form of censorship.

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I haven’t flagged very many posts, and with a few isolated exceptions (involving posts that were particularly egregious in some way) almost all of those I have flagged have been placed by spammers, for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. Some spammers are particularly adept at sneaking their posts into threads that have been dormant for a long while, and disguising what they are doing by inserting a few words that are vaguely related to the thread, in addition to the spam link that is intended to elevate the linked site in search engine results.

IMO the moderators generally do an excellent job of keeping threads from turning into unconstructive nonsense and childish exchanges of personal insults, and they do that under what are often very challenging circumstances. So I’ve usually not felt it necessary to report such posts. Although I’ll admit that there are times when I wish certain members would just go away :-)

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-- Al

Lmao @almarg 

Wink, wink,nudge,nudge, say no more, say no more.

Nods as good as a wink to a blind horse.
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Don't all posts look better with a flag on 'em?
Only if it is a Union Jack.

I have flagged dozens of posts over the years, but not because I’m "easily offended" or "sensitive." This forum has some simple rules so that we can have discussions here - that’s the point of having a forum. Posts that are profane; racist; or ugly, abusive attacks violate the forum’s rules. They discourage or prevent conversation.

Everyone is entitled to a voice on Audiogon, but that’s a privilege, not a right; the First Amendment doesn’t apply here.

There a are a few users who take pride in the number of their deleted posts. Some will repeatedly post content that moderators have previously deleted. One such user was recently awarded a "time-out" by the moderators, so you won’t be hearing from him until his 30-day sentence ends. Moderators do that so that the rest of us can converse. Again, that’s the point of having a forum.

I know I’ll be chided for acknowledging my use of the "Report this" flag but please consider this: The deletion of posts is at the discretion of the moderators. If you’re unhappy that your content has been deleted, your issue is either with them, or yourself. And please consider that if you post content that is later deleted, you’re just making extra work for the moderators. What’s the point of that?
Thanks for your vigilant service. 😛
I've only used the flag system to notify the mods of a dealer who promotes what he sells.  Fortunately it's only one dealer and yes most of the time the mods have agreed.

Flag? Who? What? Why?

personally I sort of like the Flag of Mozambique.... probably the most exclamatory ensignia or emblem on the planet.

otherwise I've never reported a poster for disparaging content but felt like doing it many times. 

never thought to point out spammers either.. but will now and thanks for that heads up.
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Cleeds ... I believe it is you that is causing the extra work for the moderators.
Any complaint you have regarding the conduct of contributors here should be directed to the moderators. If you’re unhappy that your content has been deleted, your issue is either with them, or yourself.
I'm a mod on a non audio related board.We do have lives and can't spend every waking moment keeping track of threads.We appreciate a heads up for spam posts so they can be blocked.Heated debates are welcome and informative.Childish personal attacks and slander ruin the OP's thread,are against the rules,and should be flagged.But they usually aren't because so many find them entertaining.

Unfortunately most heated debates just end up spiralling down into the childish personal attacks and slander category.
Too many cannot handle their views or opinions being countered as not being the absolute be all and end all of all things audio.
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Not much need for the arrows with a quote methinks.
Not sure about that one either.

However by including that post in my post I have also given the mods more work as to do the job correctly in ridding profanity they would need delete my post too.
So I will do that for them as a mistake on my part.

So yes, the arrows would have been more appropriate in this case.
Just as an FYI, I haven't flagged any posts in this thread. That way maybe you can all have your fun.
That’s mighty decent of ya! 🤗
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What an oddly ironic thread...
@uberwaltz, uber, I once suggested to my Welsh mate that instead of a dragon, the Welsh flag should have a picture of a leek on it. That way they could call it the Onion Jack. He did not find it amusing....
The Welsh are reknowned for having no sense of humour.
All Brits agree...…..
They can drink the heck out of a pint, though!
Wouldn't you if you lived in Wales.....

The more I think about it the more I think.


That Elizabeth might be right and it’s time to blow this joint.

Is that a promise or a threat? 😛